Comment s’habiller quand on a une petite poitrine ?

How to dress when you have a small chest?

How to dress when you have a small chest?

If you tend to be insecure because you have a small chest, remember that most models on the catwalk are in this situation too. Instead of doubting your figure, be proud of it. There are lots of personalities that we admire and who know how to impose their style, their elegance despite their small chests. If you don't know how to dress and highlight your small breasts, Mademoiselle Grenade gives you today 15 fashion tips to dress your neckline with style.

Take advantage of your small chest

Having small breasts is a real advantage. Most of the clothes offered by the fashion industry are versatile but look better on a small chest than on a large chest. You can even go braless and look chic and elegant. A few years ago, society promoted large breasts in magazines as well as in TV series or cinema. Today, we can see that this trend has evolved and small breasts are back. The “bigger”, “bigger” promoted by Hollywood has ceased and celebrities prove to us every day that a small chest can be very glamorous. So this is the right time for you to take advantage of the charm of your chest and take advantage of it.

Forget strappy tops

Small-breasted women are lucky enough to be able to wear strapless tops. In fact, the size of your breasts ensures that you can move around all evening without worrying about the bounces caused by your approach. Indeed, strapless tops are difficult to wear for large breasts. Women with a small bust can, however, wear these strapless tops with strapless bras as well. They can even afford to wear their outfit without a bra. Great, right? Sleeveless and strapless dresses are also made for you! Strapless tops are really adapted to your body shape. Are you worried about your small chest? Draw attention to the sensuality of your shoulders!

Reveal your back

If women with large breasts can hardly wear an outfit with a very low back without having to wear a bra, your small chest allows you to enjoy the freedom offered by a pretty dress with a low back. Dresses open at the back or low-cut at the back offer a glamorous note to our silhouettes, without revealing too much. Believe us, you have many more possibilities offered by your small chest than your friends with larger chests. Dare to wear backless dresses to take full advantage of your small chest!

Unveil your shoulders and show your arms

When it comes to fashion and style, you should always draw attention to certain parts of your anatomy and look away from areas that you think are less flattering. If you want to appear sexy, during a party or a particular event , be sure to draw attention to your arms and shoulders. A pretty strapless dress, for example, will do the trick perfectly. His secret? The strapless dress reveals the shoulders and arms which are always considered sensual, even erogenous, zones. Focus on your shoulders, reveal your arms and you can be sure to look sexy and attractive without showing too much. Take advantage of your small chest to wear strapless tops and strapless dresses.

Try a bandeau top

Bandeau tops are bold, eye-catching and always very, very flattering on small busts. They highlight the bust without focusing on the neckline, while providing good support. In summer, they are perfect for a walk by the sea on a hot day. But if you combine your bandeau top with a pretty chic fitted jacket, you will get a great city look, ideal for a nightclub trip or a romantic dinner.

Tomboy style

If you have a small chest, you can adopt the masculine-feminine style without problem . Androgynous clothes will look stunning on you. Think about the clothes worn by men: a suit jacket, a white T-shirt, boyfriend jeans... Be careful though, this is not about dressing yourself in a fashion store aimed at men. The idea is to take inspiration from men's outfits, not to wear your sweetheart's clothes. Get inspired and make sure you find the right pieces to create a pretty masculine-feminine look. The result will be very chic and you can be sure that women with larger breasts will be jealous of you and will be very sad not to be able to adopt this elegant androgynous look. The masculine-feminine Tomboy look: an impeccable style to dress small breasts

Play with color

There's one important rule to know when it comes to flattering your figure: wear dark colors on the bottom and light on top. Dark shades tend to slim you down, so if you don't want to give the illusion of an even smaller chest, choose light shades on your bust. Choose pastel or light shades for your tops. Bright colors work great on small busts too so don't be afraid to be bold and try new shades. Pastel and fancy shade on the bust: Winning duo for small breasts with this seductive top

Play with fantasies

Tops or dresses with layers, ruffles, pleats, pockets and other zippers are a good way to give a little relief to your bust. Horizontal stripes also work wonders and easily give the illusion of a larger bust. When these stripes are combined with a bright background, they create even more curves and bring the right balance to your silhouette. A few ruffles on the neckline of your top and your small chest gains volume!

Wear boot-cuts

Boot-cut jeans or pants (fitted cut on the thighs and flared at the ankles) provide a slimming effect at the bottom of your figure and thus give more importance to your upper body. These jeans or pants, perfect for balancing most silhouettes, are versatile and therefore very easy to wear with almost any type of top. If you are daring by nature, opt for printed pants paired with a flowing silk shirt. This set will add volume to your bust. Pants flared at the ankles are perfect for balancing the silhouette of women with small breasts

Reveal your cleavage

If you are looking for a glamorous and sexy evening outfit , opt for a very deep neckline made up of lines going down your chest. Of course, an evening dress with such a daring neckline will only be worn for events that allow the wearing of such a dress. You will avoid going out to go to the local grocer or to the office. However, you can opt for a pretty low-cut blouse designed in a material to hug your chest with grace and subtlety. Your small chest will thus be subtly highlighted and the uncovered area will give your appearance a most sensual aura, without being inappropriate or vulgar. Show off your petite bust with this V-neck blouse

Forget (too) loose cuts

Wearing baggy clothes will only hide your curves. Clothing that is too baggy should even be completely banned. They do not flatter the silhouettes and especially not those of women who have small chests. Instead, opt for slim and boot-cut pants, close-fitting cuts, which will highlight your curves. If you have a small chest, opt for tapered and close-fitting cuts.

Dare to be transparent

Showing off your lingerie and wearing very transparent clothes was almost a crime ten years ago. Fortunately this is no longer the case today and we can thank fashion icons, designers and celebrities for bringing these terribly chic and graceful pieces back to the forefront. Be happy you have a small bust because unlike women with large busts, these items are just ultra-flattering and will look very stylish on you. Since its creation, the transparent blouse has been a wardrobe essential for women with small breasts. Democratized by Yves Saint Laurent

Master layering

Layering consists of layering clothes with style. Layering, when mastered, is very stylish and ultra-trendy. You can, for example, wear a slightly long T-shirt and a shorter sweater on top with nice boot-cut jeans. Such a simple combination will give a little volume to your bust. With its waterfall collar, this jacket is perfect for giving volume to small breasts

Choose the right collars

Some collars will tend to accentuate the flatness of your chest, while others will highlight it nicely. Opt for turtlenecks, V-necks, hooded necklines... Generally speaking, before buying a top or dress, take the time to see which necklines, collars or necklines are best suited to your figure. Casual-chic sportswear jacket, ideal for small busts

Wide cardigans

Over-sized cardigans or cardigan capes look really great on slim, small-breasted women. Don't worry, they won't make you look wider, won't add volume to your hips, etc. But they will give you a feminine and chic silhouette, thanks to your small chest. The cardigan cape? An essential for those who want to be stylish and dress their small chest The cape cardigan: the soft, casual-chic asset.

If you were insecure about your small chest, you are now ready to wear the most flattering pieces best suited to your figure. Follow these tips, dare, be proud of yourself and your body shape and you will see that you don't have to be ashamed of your small breasts. With these unstoppable tips, you will now look great and move everywhere with confidence.


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