Comment s’habiller quand on a une forte poitrine ?

How to dress when you have large chest?

How to dress when you have large chest?

While having a large chest can be seen as a blessing by some women, it can also be seen as a handicap by other women. There is of course the fact that a chest that is too large can be painful and cause back problems. Furthermore, some women do not know how to dress and highlight their generous figure. Today, Miss Grenade gives you some tips that will help you dress with style and feel comfortable and confident.

Choose the right underwear

Any woman with a large bust knows that the key to her well-being inevitably involves a suitable bra. Fortunately, lingerie stores today offer all types of sizes and shapes and all you need is a little advice to find the piece that will allow you to have good support. If you don't want your breasts to appear even larger, be sure to buy simple pieces with as little frills as possible. Don't be afraid to ask your usual lingerie store for advice. According to some studies and statistics, almost half of women wear bras that are unsuitable for their size and needs. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of good advice. Especially when you know that a bra that is not the right size will have a direct influence on emotional and physical well-being.

Forget spaghetti strap tops

This rule seems self-evident since an imposing chest needs quality support. Spaghetti straps will not provide the necessary support and will put significant and unpleasant pressure on your shoulders. Thin straps will also tend to draw attention to your neckline and give it more importance. If you don't want to draw attention to your shape, choose tops with wide straps.

Navy blue V-neck tank top, ideal for large busts.

Adopt close-fitting and low-cut dresses

Do you remember Marilyn Monroe's dress? But yes, the pretty white dress with a magnificent neckline... Marilyn Monroe is probably the only large-breasted celebrity to have made a dress so famous. Like her, now adopt a dress with a magnificent V-neckline that will enhance your figure. With a dress like the one worn in the film Seven Years of Thought, you benefit from wide straps and the necessary support for your chest but also a magnificent neckline. Backless or sleeveless dresses will also allow you to reveal the sensuality of your shoulders without being too sexy. Adopt this style of dresses with chic and elegant looks... They are truly essential in the wardrobe of women with large breasts.

Black V-neck dress for women with large breasts

Wear slim cuts

We clarified in our article intended for women with small chests , cuts that are too loose should be prohibited. They don't flatter anyone, especially women with large breasts. On the contrary, clothes that are too baggy will tend to make your chest appear more generous, larger... or even disproportionate. This is why you should always wear clothes adapted to your size (neither too close to the body nor too loose), which will highlight your pretty curves. If you want to look fabulous, if you want to always be remarkable, wear clothes that fit and fit you.

Navy blue blouse with Italian collar and V-neckline

Flee the turtlenecks

This is probably the most important advice we can give you if you have large breasts. Semi-high, high or even high and rolled collars are not at all suitable for your body shape. Turtlenecks tend to give the illusion of one huge breast and that's definitely not what you want. Additionally, hiding your neck will make you appear older than you actually are. Prefer pretty low-cut tops and be careful not to hide your neck.

Fine knit sweater with a crossed V neckline

Clear your neckline and/or your décolleté

Instead of buying a turtleneck top, invest in a pretty V-neckline or a top with a ballerina neckline. Scoop necklines are ideal for women with large busts: They tend to lengthen and slim the silhouette while providing balance with the rest of the body. Make sure you don't reveal too much though. The best solution and always the most sober.

V-neck blouse, flowing, navy blue.

Choose wrap cuts

Wrap dresses or wrap tops have the advantage of creating a line between the bust and the waist and are therefore perfect for women with large busts. They offer a harmonious and balanced silhouette by highlighting the curves. So your silhouette is highlighted and not just your chest. For a chic and elegant look, try wearing a maxi length wrap or wrap dress. It will lengthen your body while enhancing both your chest and the curves of your silhouette.

Black dress draped on the hip with V-neckline: ideal for women with large breasts

Wear fitted jackets

Women, especially those with large busts, love jackets. But when you have large breasts, it is better to leave aside straight or shapeless jackets and favor fitted and fitted jackets . For what ? Simply because a properly fitted and tailored jacket will divide your torso into distinctive parts and focusing on your curves will also have the benefit of elongating your figure. Magical, right?

Gray fitted and fitted jacket.

Opt for fine mesh

Yes, it's true, wide-knit sweaters and cardigans are always very trendy, ultra-chic, feminine and cocooning... But if you have a voluminous chest, understand that such pieces will only add volume to your bust. Also, even if these sweaters are trendy, nice and pleasant to wear, you should definitely leave them aside. Instead, opt for thin, elegant sweaters or cardigans . Rest assured, they will keep you warm too and will be just as feminine and comfortable.

Black cardigan, V-neck, fine knit.

Favor simple elegance

Remember this rule: The thinner the better. This applies to all pieces worn at the level of your bust. Avoid ruffled tops, frilled blouses, embellishments and excessive decorations on your chest as much as possible. On the contrary, favor simple and sober cuts like a pretty white V-neck shirt , you will be absolutely remarkable.

White blouse, V-neckline

Play with colors

It is often said that dark colors make you slim. It's true. To rebalance your silhouette, draw a visual line between your bust and your legs by wearing dark colors at the top and lighter shades at the bottom. If you like to wear patterns, the trick is to wear large prints on the bottom and more muted patterns on the top. This way, you will attract more attention to your entire silhouette rather than just your neckline.

Low-cut blouse with mesh insert

Look away

If you're tired of the stares on your chest, draw them in another direction. The trick is to wear simple, classic tops and printed skirts or pants in bright colors. By wearing sophisticated pieces on the bottom, you will draw attention to those pieces rather than your chest.

Skirts printed with herringbone patterns

The right handbag

If you are planning to buy a new handbag, choose the right size. Indeed, the size of this accessory can have a direct impact on the impression of volume of your chest. Also, opt for a medium or large sized handbag to create balance with your silhouette. A handbag that is too small can in fact give more importance to your bust or make you appear taller.

Accessorize with precision

Avoid necklaces that end at the base of your chest or necklaces that are too long which will tend to swing in the void created under your breasts. Stick to wearing choker necklaces and earrings. By choosing sophisticated jewelry, you will divert the attention usually focused on your chest towards your pretty face. There you have it, you now have the advice you need to highlight your figure and dress elegantly. Remember to stay confident and be yourself. Don't be ashamed of your shapes and remember that you are more fabulous every day. Finally, also remember that these are just a few basic rules and that rules are sometimes made to be broken. Have fun!


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    Je retrouve bien des conseils qu’on trouve un peu partout, mais les mannequins n’ont en aucun cas les problèmes de silhouette que nous rencontrons.
    Merci cependant pour le temps consacré aux difficultés que nous rencontrons surtout après 50 ans.

    Isabelle Migeon on

  • Je ne trouve nulle par mon bonheur… À cause de mon 95K et je ne suis pas sûr de le trouver un jour

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  • très beaux exemples de vêtements, mais aucun pour l’intimité :

    quel genre de peignoir pour bien valoriser les gros seins et les faire désirer la femme en question

    jean paul

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    J’ai vraiment trouvé pleine d’astuces superbes! Si la prochaine fois les illustrations pourraient plus adaptées ce serait top! ;)


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  • Je trouve les astuces bonnes, mais je regrette que les images qui illustrent ces conseils ne montrent pas des femmes à fortes poitrines…

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    Nous sommes ravis d’avoir pu vous apporter quelques astuces pour vous habiller.
    A très bientôt,
    L’équipe de Mademoiselle Grenade

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