Comment s' habiller quand on a une poitrine menue ?

How to dress when you have a small chest?

How to dress when you have a small chest?

No back problems, no discomfort when running, no chest pain when sleeping! Having small breasts is good. Having a small chest doesn't have to be a complex. Didn't Audrey Hepburn embrace her discreet chest with sexy outfits? And yes. If you have an androgynous physique or an H-shaped body shape, then you have a wasp waist and a silhouette that seduces many! Mademoiselle Grenade helps you find outfits that will help you highlight your small chest and your natural assets.


Ultra-feminine with small breasts


Should you cheat on your chest size? Yes and no. Yes you can slightly compensate for the lack of breasts with a push-up bra if this subject is really problematic. “Cheating” can help you better cope with this limited chest. Besides, know that even small, your breasts need support. Don't go to the office without a bra because it can quickly look provocative under a fine wool sweater or a slightly open blouse. You will do without this accessory and will benefit from the natural support of your breasts to wear an evening dress. With a bare back , this will solve the problem of visible straps!


There are many ways to enhance your neckline. Nothing to be ashamed of! So, with a small chest, you can dare to use more generous necklines and try the visual effects. Indeed, a small chest is not likely to look “vulgar”. It is therefore possible to fall for tops with deep V-necks, or tops inspired by men's fashion. Also dare to wear flowing unbuttoned shirts. And low-cut dresses, is that a bit too much to ask for? But no. You can totally wear them, as long as you choose a cut and materials that adapt to your figure.


The ideal outfits for a small chest:


  • The little empire waist dress: with its fairly high waist, tightened just under the chest, it highlights the chest. The flared shape slims the hips and erases buttocks that are a little too large.
  • A strapless dress: no, strapless dresses aren't just for big breasts! On the contrary. With your shoulders and the beginning of your arms bare, you display your femininity and your softness.
  • Close-fitting sweaters and tops: if you have a small chest and a slim figure, then opt for sweaters with close-fitting cuts. Choose a fine knit top with a collar that protects you well or, conversely, a low V neckline like with this cardigan . When the evening comes, don't hesitate to play the sensuality card by popping a button. Oops !!!
  • Shirt dresses: short, they will reveal your legs and naturally create curves at the top. Also opt for dresses with ruffles and always prefer short dresses to focus attention on your legs.

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