Comment s’habiller quand on est petite ?

How to dress when you're small?

How to dress when you're small?

Are you less than 1.60 m tall? Bad news, nothing will make you taller... but it is possible to cheat a little and choose clothes adapted to your size to lengthen your figure. Mademoiselle Grenade helps you find outfits that will suit you very well if you have the physique of Eva Longoria, Shakira, Natalie Portman or Jenifer and you also want to appear taller.

High-waisted styles are your friend

Dressing to look taller involves using a few visual tips and tricks. Avoid clothes that are too flared or too long, which tend to unify the silhouette. It's perfect for Adriana Karembeu but for you, you have to highlight this “small” size and use it. The same goes for pants . Avoid models with a low waist which will flatten your figure and give the illusion of losing even more centimeters. You must be slender, going upwards!

Fall for skirts, dresses or even pants with a high waist. No risk of having too high an effect. Watch out for your pants. Avoid cuts that are too wide or too flowing which will give a baggy effect. Prefer slim jeans and body-hugging cuts. This also applies to skirts (try this two-tone blue and beige high-waisted skirt ).

Don't fall for cropped pants with a mid-calf cut. They should be avoided, as should skirts cut just above the knee. Mid-thigh or above-the-knee skirts and dresses will look much better on you. A bit sexy, but not provocative. You see that your legs have assets!


Plain fabrics and close-fitting tops


And at the top, what do I put? Think about belted tops and match them with your shoes. You need to fit your body shape. This is a rule to be applied without moderation: blazers, tops and other small tops must be fitted. Also dare to use necklines to highlight your shapes. V-necks (not too plunging anyway) will allow you to reveal your face and highlight it.

Trust clothes made from plain fabrics. Prints are not your friend. Moreover, if you are a fan of shapes and colors, vertical stripes, which follow the line of your body, are perfect. Horizontal stripes, they… don’t even try! Here is our selection of clothes to find in your wardrobe to stop being the “scale model” of the group:


Wardrobe essentials when you're little


  • Slim jeans: for going out, for a romantic weekend and also sometimes for the office, they are an indispensable companion!
  • Yes, ballerinas are good . But always have a pair of heels on hand. 8 cm heels are already a good base for growing taller. Tightrope walkers at heart will think they're podium stars with 12 cm.
  • The little black dress … high waisted version: like all women, we fall for a little black dress. Classic three-hole or asymmetrical version, choose it close to the body.
  • As for accessories, the belt is necessary. Belt to give more advantageous proportions. You can dare to add accessories to brighten up your outfit with long scarves, fringed bags and even dangling necklaces.

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