Comment s’habiller quand on est grande ?

How to dress when you're tall?

How to dress when you're tall?

You have long, beautiful legs that extend your bust with a natural fit. From your height of 1.75m, you see life from above. But when it comes to clothes, do you have what you need? While being tall has its advantages, it can also sometimes be a headache to find the right clothes to wear. For all those who are tall and want to give their wardrobe a facelift, Mademoiselle Grenade advises you.

Break the elongated effect

What should be done ? Should you proudly display your large size or, on the contrary, hide it? For those who want to embrace their greatness more easily, there is a “trick”: you have to make associations that break the linearity and the elongation effect. To do this, vary the materials, cuts and colors:

  • If you wear a very close-fitting shirt that highlights your chest, opt for loose pants or a skirt with a fairly wide cut;

  • Same with the colors. Two-tone outfits (especially certain dresses) will break up your “too big” silhouette.

With these associations you restore a more flattering effect of proportion. The gaze will not be fixed on your long legs. A new balance is found. All parts of your body regain importance. Example with this two-material and two-color dress . You don't always have to combine completely different colors or opposite materials. To create separation, you can also use a belt or horizontally striped clothing.

Play with your proportions and don't be afraid of length

It's a safe bet that it's your legs that catch the eye the most with their length. Play with them. Choose a long top that tightens at the bottom to elongate your bust and reduce the size of your legs. At the bottom, short or long skirts, but also any type of pants are possible! Mademoiselle Grenade recommends in particular straight or ¾ pants models . A pair of slim, low-waisted pants will also be essential. For skirts and dresses, all models are suitable. Special mention to trapeze skirts which will “widen” your silhouette as well as long dresses which will give you grace. Wardrobe essentials when you're older:

  • Long coats and jackets for winter: you cover yourself from head to toe and you can play the effect of the piece which protects you completely;

  • As for accessories, think about belts to break up an outfit and long pendant jewelry;

  • A fitted, long dress, like this version with a funnel neck ;

  • If you are tall and a little curvy, opt for straight pants that are not tight (see these wide-leg pants with black pleats );

  • A straight or flared skirt (depending on your natural shape) to pair with black tights ;

  • On your feet, go for a pair of heeled pumps that you will wear from time to time if you have a nice natural arch, and also choose ballerinas and flat shoes, with round toes, so as not to grow too tall on a daily basis.

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