Comment s’habiller quand on a des hanches larges ?

How to dress when you have wide hips?

How to dress when you have wide hips?

Do you have slightly wide hips? Nothing to worry about! Size 40 is the most represented among French women. And then it is the women in size 42 who are the most numerous... So, any complexes? None ! Whether it's sexy or everyday dressing, it's all about balance. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you tips for making the right clothing choices if you have wide hips.

Adapt the cuts according to your body shape

You have wide hips, but what is your overall figure? With well-defined hips, generous chest and a thin waist, you have an hourglass figure. If, on the other hand, your shoulders are small, and your chest is discreet, then you have more of a pyramid silhouette. Depending on body types, different clothes are preferred.

Choose low-cut tops (sometimes plunging) if your chest allows it. Don't overdo it! You must minimize your chest if it is too bulky. Opt for fairly long fitted clothes that will partially cover your buttocks and avoid clothes that are too close to the body, unless you complement them with a jacket or blazer.

Fine woolens but also knitted and cotton tops are perfect; Since your hips are already defined, there's no need to focus attention with a waist that's too high or too low.

Select pants with a “normal” waist and a straight cut. Too close to the body, your shapes will be too pronounced. Too wide, the pants will make you fat. In between, trust straight pants that hold your thighs then flare at the bottom;

When it comes to skirts and dresses, keep it simple. A fairly flowing trapeze skirt will be perfect.

The right colors and patterns with wide hips

There isn't really a favorite color to go for when you have wide hips. Traditionally, however, we recommend avoiding too flashy colors. Still dare to use gradients and colors that you like with harmony (pink, blue, taupe, off-white). Also be careful with your choice of patterns: vertical stripes will help you elongate your silhouette, unlike horizontal stripes.

The essentials in the wardrobe when you have wide hips:

A straight coat: when winter arrives, you have to cover up! Choose a straight cut which will unify your line and structure your silhouette;

A long cardigan: to hang out a bit reading a good book or to go out with the girls, a long cardigan that covers the buttocks and keeps you warm is perfect!

A long dress: to show off your fashion-loving side, dare to wear a dress with a wrap-effect bust that can be accessorized (belt, jewelry, etc.). If your shoulders are a little broad, enhance your outfit with a light cardigan ;

The sheath skirt or dress: for special events, a sheath skirt embellished with heels is perfect (see this sheath skirt , high waisted, black and also this sheath dress, sleeveless, green ).

Depending on your body type, it is also possible to be seduced by a short skirt, just above the knees.

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