Comment s’habiller avec des hanches et des fesses généreuses ?

How to dress with generous hips and buttocks?

How to dress with generous hips and buttocks?

Some women are self-conscious about their hips or buttocks and don't always dare to wear chic and elegant clothes. Confused, they don't know what outfits to wear to highlight their anatomy. If you have generous hips or butt, you should know that it is difficult to find clothes that fit your lower half. Mademoiselle Grenade suggests some clothing styles that will make you a chic and confident woman.

Don't change your curves or hide them. You can show yourself as you are and exude great sensuality. It's true that when you were younger you had more discreet shapes. Today it is not difficult to highlight your figure even if it does not look like the established stereotype of a model. Fashion designers know that every woman has a different body shape and that everyone must be able to dress elegantly. Be confident in your ability to dress chic.

Wide hips or buttocks: what are the ideal clothes?

High-waisted pants and shorts

We particularly like these clothes for women who have rounded shapes on the lower part of the body. A nice pair of high-waisted pants or shorts can really make you look better. Although it will take a little time to find one that will accommodate your larger proportions, it will pay off. High waists will give you a slimmer silhouette. Let yourself be seduced!

The draped dress

It's the 100% guaranteed fit and it's truly the must-have dress for you. Its style means that it has the great merit of giving elegance to all those who adopt it. It wraps around your shoulders, its V-neck delicately reveals the top of your chest and its drape falls softly on your hips. The color red to enhance your sensuality, black for a more formal evening. This dress transforms your body and actually allows you to look like a supermodel when you wear it. Yes, it's true that this dress works well on all body types. We can't deny that it's really great for women with plump hips and thighs. Because its lines highlight the waist and rebalance the silhouette, your body shape will benefit and you will appear slimmer.

The trapeze dress

This is our favorite look in these circumstances. You want to enhance your elegant look, this cut is made for you and allows you to infinitely vary your appearance. Great actresses have highlighted this cut like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Ideal for creating a pretty silhouette, this dress subtly cinches the waist before flaring out at the bottom of the body.

Bodycon dresses and skirts close to the body

Tight or very figure-hugging dresses and skirts are perfect for emphasizing pretty shapes. You will achieve excellent results if you are lucky enough to have a small waist. But it is sometimes complicated to obtain such a silhouette. Unless, of course, you are addicted to the weight room and a balanced diet. If we try to imagine that she would be the current star standard-bearer of this physiognomy you will think of Kim Kardashian who dares to use her hourglass-shaped figure with generous hips and buttocks. Bright colors will give you even more shine to appear carefree and confident in the confidence you exude.

Avoid shapeless, square or straight dresses!

If you are a woman with strong hips and thighs and you own dresses with straight lines, we suggest you forget about them. More generously, donate them to charity. Some square-cut dresses are pretty and can make you more glamorous, but they are reserved for the slimmest or those who want to attract the spotlight. Recognize that in your mirror the look returned disappoints you and that you appear even more imposing and this for your entire silhouette. Simplicity is sometimes much more rewarding and a simple black dress will satisfy you more. Elegance can also be the prerogative of sober outfits.

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