Astuces pour avoir de belles et longues jambes et paraitre plus grande.

Tips to have beautiful, long legs and look taller.

Tips to have beautiful, long legs and look taller.

If you're not naturally blessed with long, slender legs, you're probably wondering how to make yourself look longer or taller. Rest assured: there are plenty of tips to achieve sleek, captivating legs. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you today some tips to visually lengthen your legs as well as your silhouette. Expect looks to turn as you pass.

“how to have long and beautiful legs? »

If you ask men what part of the female anatomy they prefer, most of them will tell you that they pay attention to the legs first. And men aren't the only ones who appreciate the beauty of long legs. Women also appreciate this part of their body and usually seek to make sure they show off with dizzying legs. Shod on extremely high heels or slightly cheating on their appearance by covering them in seamed stockings, they are aware that their legs play an important role in the assessment of their physical appearance. However, while long legs are captivating, sometimes too much length can harm the balance of the silhouette. Therefore, if it is good to play with a few tricks to lengthen your legs, you must also do it sparingly to maintain a remarkable appearance and a captivating allure.

Tips, Tricks and Tricks for Longer Legs

The magic of high heels to lengthen your legs

To start, wear shoes with high heels as often as possible. The higher the heels, the higher your legs will be. This fashion accessory can be praised for this advantage: it is the most useful in giving us long and shapely legs. This is even more true if you wear a short dress and a pair of shoes with thin or downright thin heels. High heels are particularly suitable for ceremonies, cocktails, evenings, etc. but can be, for some women, more difficult to wear for everyday use. If you are one of those women who don't feel very comfortable in high, thin heels, make sure you have an alternative. For example, you can have a pair of ballet flats nearby and if you really can't wear these types of heels, opt for shoes of medium height. High heels will not only lengthen your legs, they will also lengthen the silhouette. They are therefore very appreciated for their ability to make us appear a few kilos slimmer .

Wear high-waisted miniskirts and short dresses

The more skin you show, the longer your legs appear. The high waist is also recommended because it visually extends your legs, giving the illusion that they are particularly long. Choose fitted and fitted dresses (but tailored to your size) that follow the shape of your figure. There's nothing worse than wearing clothes that are too baggy or too big : you'll appear lost inside. Complete your outfit with a pretty pair of tights . Whatever the season, tights can be worn on different occasions. They go perfectly with high-heeled shoes and amplify their effect, making your legs look longer while giving them a softer look. Dark colored tights are absolutely essential to your everyday wardrobe. If tights are essential to lengthen your legs, watch out for leg warmers (knee-high socks) which cut the legs into two parts which can make them appear shorter.

Choose to wear skinny jeans

This type of jeans is perfect for visually adding a few centimeters to even the shortest legs. Opt for dark colors and avoid hems at the bottom of the legs and low waists. A high waist, on the other hand, makes your legs appear to start higher than they actually are. Finally, if you want to give the illusion of bigger legs, carefully avoid wearing pants with a loose fit .

Choose your blouses, tops or blouses correctly

Do not wear long blouses or tops that cover your thighs or buttocks. By elongating the upper part of your anatomy, they will clearly fight against your desire to appear taller. Short blouses, V-necklines , cropped tops or shirts worn with the collar raised are more acceptable. Furthermore, prefer tops with vertical stripes. They give the illusion of a more elongated body, unlike horizontal stripes which cut the silhouette and therefore shorten it. Remember that the thinner the lines, the greater the effect.

Accessories to appear taller

Used correctly, accessories in your wardrobe can also be used to elongate your figure. If, for example, you follow our advice by wearing a high-waisted skirt or high-waisted pants to increase the length of your legs, you will find that these clothes can give the illusion of a shorter bust. Do not panic ! In this case, you can wear a long necklace or earrings that will make your neck appear longer. This tip will also give you a most charming head posture. If you have a passion for belts, wear them in the right place. Wear them either under your bust (Empire waist version) or on your waist. Never wear them on your hips.

Lengthen your silhouette with your hair

Yes, your hair can also be used to serve your desire to appear taller. If you have long hair, tie it into a high ponytail or style it so that the volume is on the top of your head. If your hair is short, consider letting it grow. Armed with these tips, you will easily achieve your goal. You will no longer have to worry or suffer from your short legs.

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