Quelle robe choisir selon sa silhouette ?

Which dress to choose according to your figure?

Which dress to choose according to your figure?

She knows how to go short and close to the body to enhance femininity, or sometimes more relaxed and long, for an evening that requires elegance and chic. She's the dress. The little black dress , essential for a feminine wardrobe, but also the summer dress, the princess dress, the evening dress. Depending on your body type, you should favor certain dress shapes. Which dress to choose when you are small or on the contrary tall, thin or rounder… Mademoiselle Grenade guides you and advises you on the best dress according to your body shape.

The “three-hole” dress, which suits all women

What is the ideal dress? If a dress shape corresponds better to each body type (see our guide to the right dress according to the body type further down in this article), one model nevertheless seems quite generic and suitable for all women. This is the so-called “dancer” dress. No, no need to dance! The dancer dress, also called a “3-hole dress”, is a timeless basic with its classic shape. Two holes for the arms, another for the head and that's it. Easy to put on, often with a straight cut, it can however stand out with a pretty color and/or a new material. Example with this burgundy three-hole dress with its slightly trapeze cut and its yoke on the right side.

Long dresses or short dresses? Close-fitting or wide?

Are you looking for something other than the three-hole dress? Faced with a wide choice of dresses , to find the right one, you have to proceed by elimination.

  • Short dress or long dress: for tall women, a long dress is perfect because it follows the line of the body and enhances the overall look. Conversely, when you're short, you have to focus on short dresses. A sophisticated cut can enhance the bust if you have a beautiful chest.
  • Short sleeves or long sleeves: there is no real rule. It's a question of love and comfort. We are finding more and more dresses with pretty ¾ sleeves like this trendy blue dress with its fitted cut.
  • Close-fitting or wide dress: enhance your assets by choosing cut and tight dresses where your shapes are most beautiful. So, if it's your chest that you want to enhance, then a trapeze dress will be sublime. To highlight the hips, choose a high-waisted dress.

The guide to the right dress according to your body type:

For women with an A-shaped body shape: choose dresses with straps, or even dresses with beautiful V-necklines that are very fitted at the top. At the bottom, the dress will widen slightly. Also try high-waisted dresses which will “rebalance” your figure.

For women with a figure 8 body shape: with your very thin waist but generous chest and hips, you need a dress that knows how to highlight your assets. It's practical, all the dresses suit you! Favor straight, sober cuts or body-hugging versions. Forget baggy dresses.

For women with an O-shaped body: loose shirt dresses are perfect for you. If you have a round figure , avoid dresses that are too short, and prefer models that are at least knee-length, in order to lengthen your legs.


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