Quelle jupe choisir selon sa silhouette ?

Which skirt to choose according to your figure?

Which skirt to choose according to your figure?

Short, mid-length, very long, but also trapeze, straight, pleated... The skirt can take very varied shapes, but not all of them will suit you. Indeed, depending on your body shape, you must favor certain shapes of skirts, which will help you better highlight your figure. Which skirt to choose when you are small or on the contrary tall, thin or rounder… Mademoiselle Grenade guides you and advises you on the best skirt according to your body shape.

The straight skirt and the pencil skirt, those that suit all women!

For women who are small at the shoulders but who have shapes at the bottom of the body, and in particular quite pronounced hips (A-shaped silhouette), or for those who have an O-shaped silhouette with a pronounced chest, wear a straight skirt or a pencil skirt helps balance your look. With a clear and close-fitting design, these skirts, which are often worn high waisted and can go below the knees, will focus attention on the upper body, and restore beautiful overall harmony. If you are one of those who have complexes about their stomach, wear this high-waisted skirt, and adorn it with a beautiful belt with a slightly wide buckle, to break up the simplicity.


The skater skirt and the tulip skirt, to play with the codes of femininity

For women who have a figure 8 figure (also called an hourglass figure), again the straight skirt is a good solution, the high waist allowing the waist to be clearly defined. Wearing a skirt with a high waist is the solution to refine the silhouette, erase flaws... and have a chic side. The skirt immediately gives a more elegant and refined look when worn like this, especially if it is accompanied by a pretty blouse and pumps!

The skirt should not, however, always be used as clothing to hide flaws, or be selected with a deliberately fitted, serious, strict cut. Wearing a skirt is also about having fun. Dare to wear very girly skater skirts , which give a touch of romanticism, or even tulip skirts (high-waisted skirt, which flares out above the hips but goes straight down).


The trapeze skirt and the midi skirt, for a trendy look

Among the skirt cuts that are currently working very well, it's hard to escape the midi skirt. Cut at mid-calf, it is therefore quite long and allows you to wear patterns and colors, and to add boots and a very 70's top for a fashionable outfit. Always trendy too, the trapeze skirt. Bringing volume to the hips, and allowing you to obtain a harmonious silhouette, the trapeze skirt is the one that gives a boost to your femininity, and is suitable for going to the office as well as for an outing with friends. s. The trapeze skirt is perfect for women with an H (rectangular) silhouette who want to accentuate their shoulders and hips.


The guide to the right skirt according to your body shape:


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