S'habiller quand on est petite : 10 Astuces pour paraitre plus grande.

How to Dress if You're Petite: 10 Tips for Looking Taller

How to Dress if You're Petite: 10 Tips for Looking Taller

When you're petite, it's not always easy to choose the right clothes, especially if you want to appear taller. The good news is that there are many tricks to deceive the eye and appear more elongated than you are. These tricks are based on a simple principle: focus on verticality to lengthen the silhouette. Mademoiselle Grenade shares some of these techniques here.

Tip #1: Mind Your Posture.

You may not realize it, but the way you carry yourself directly affects how others perceive you. Start by standing and sitting up straight. Not only will you appear taller, but you will also project an image of self-confidence.

Tip #2: Opt for Dark-Colored Clothing.

It's a well-known fact that slim people also appear taller and that dark colors can visually slim down the silhouette. 

Wearing a shirt (or top), pants, and shoes of the same color can help you appear taller. Choose shades like black, navy, or chocolate. 

If you do not wish to adopt a monochrome look, you can also try another strategy that involves visually lengthening your legs by wearing, for example, tights the same color as your shoes. This trick works better with neutral-colored shoes such as black, navy, gray, taupe, beige, or brown. Back-seam tights (which have a long line down the back of the leg) also elongate the legs. 

Tip #3: Choose Fitted Cuts.

It is essential to wear clothes that fit your body shape. This also applies to petite women who should avoid loose or wide cuts. This type of clothing will compress your figure instead of lengthening it. Opt for thin sweaters rather than those made of thick wool.

Tip #4: Vertical Lines.

One of the things you can easily do to lengthen your silhouette is to wear clothes with vertical lines. These will have the effect of visually lengthening your body, legs, and arms. Vertical lines are not necessarily stripes and can also be seam lines.

Tip #5: Play with Necklines. 

If you want to appear taller, make sure to wear tops, blouses, or dresses with V or U necklines. This type of neckline will elongate your silhouette. 

Tip #6: The Right Pants. 

If you are petite, you should wear straight-cut pants or jeans. Straight cuts slim the legs and elongate the figure, making you appear taller than you are. Furthermore, if you want to appear slimmer, avoid wearing pants with bulky pockets and without hems.

Tip #7: Gain a Few Inches.

Wearing high heels is the simplest way to appear taller. There are many suitable high-heeled shoes. However, be cautious of shoes with a wide strap around the ankle. This type of model will reduce your silhouette. Also, avoid wearing platform shoes, which tend to compress the silhouette. 

Tip #8: The Handbag.

To appear more slender, it's best to avoid choosing a too-large handbag. Even though most women prefer such bags for their practicality, avoid adopting this trend. Opt for a medium-sized handbag. 

Tip #9: Proportionate Accessories.

Accessories can be an excellent way to appear more elongated, provided you respect the proportions of your silhouette. Avoid wearing imposing necklaces, large hoop earrings, or oversized sunglasses like J. Onassis style, which can give the impression that your body is smaller than the glasses themselves, etc... Opt for delicate, feminine, and sensual jewelry.

Tip #10: Master Your Hairstyle.

You can also add height to your silhouette by playing with your hair. Indeed, a high ponytail or bun will elongate your neck while offering the sensuality of a beautifully exposed nape.


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