6 principes pour  s’habiller avec style

6 principles for dressing with style

6 principles for dressing with style

“Have style”. This is a phrase you've heard before. But what does it mean to have style? How to define this notion of “style”, and how to apply it? Mademoiselle Grenade has covered the subject and brought together some sartorial advice for you to help you in your quest for “style”.

Show your personality to assert your style

To have style is to have style. By definition, it is therefore a question of not replicating what is seen everywhere, and of not having a look that is too classic and all-purpose. Simply put, having style means daring to put personality into your clothing choices. Convey a little of yourself by matching and combining clothes according to trends but above all according to your tastes.

Dressing with style is also a question of silhouette

All women can have their own style. Small or round? With wide thighs or small shoulders? With long legs or small legs? Every woman can find her style, as long as she finds clothes adapted to her body type (see our Guide according to body type ). Being a person with style doesn't mean rushing into trendy outfits. This means choosing from the new products what suits you, and transforming it.

Be demanding about materials and colors

To have style is to have a sharp eye. Learn to identify the cuts, materials and colors that suit you well. Choose clothes according to their uses. Don't just limit yourself to classic materials like cotton or wool, but also silk, very good for everyday clothing. Polyester and certain stretch materials are also effective for exercising and for certain outings.

Combine, test, try again, to find an original “style”

Style can sometimes be simple in appearance, but should never give in to simplicity. Try clothing combinations. Combine several colors! Combine completely opposite things to see the result. Some very attractive outfits are born from improbable combinations.

Sort through your wardrobe

A little black dress for all occasions, skirts, pants, favorite jeans and blouses, plus a nice big sweater, it's perfect. On the other hand, clothes that are too small, poorly tailored, torn pants that you keep from your last year of college and shoes with 15cm heels that you can't wear, have no place in your wardrobe. Consider a wardrobe clearance sale to collect some money and buy new clothes.

Having style doesn't cost much

Yes, some clothes are worth investing a little money on. For what ? Because with noble materials, careful cuts and real manufacturing quality, they will last longer. But being stylish doesn't mean only buying expensive clothes. For less than €50, you can fall for beautiful blouses, blouses or even fitted pants. Mademoiselle Grenade’s “ ready to wear ” selection is proof of this.

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