Quel style vestimentaire reflète le mieux votre personnalité ?

What style of clothing best reflects your personality?

What style of clothing best reflects your personality?

Knowing the style that matches your personality can help you make a better statement about your style and get an idea of ​​what pieces to look for first when shopping. We all tend to gravitate towards a particular style, so don't hesitate to continue reading this article to discover the style that reflects your personality. This will allow you to develop your own fashion signature and assert your uniqueness in a short time.

Classic chic style

Are you particularly attracted to neutral shades such as white, black, gray or even brown? Do you have a real affection for minimalist cuts, simple and clean lines? You are for sure a classic chic type personality. A fan of classic and timeless pieces, your fashion wardrobe is full of timeless pieces such as pretty tailored pants, a trench coat, a buttoned blouse, a pencil skirt, a wrap dress as well as the essential little black dress . All these basic pieces have taken over your wardrobe and make up your chic, feminine and always fashionable style. You tend to avoid too-plunging necklines and short hemlines and you don't like flashy prints and even less flashy colors. Your style is closer to that of Audrey Hepburn wearing her pretty little black dress in the cult film “Breakfast at Tiffany's” . The classic style, chic at that, stands the test of time. It often offers those who adopt it the possibility of wearing their clothing as well as their accessories for years.

The romantic style

If you are a woman who loves the romantic style, it is possible that your clothing style is inspired by the Victorian era. You draw inspiration from this era full of ruffles, frills, lace and other ultra-feminine details. Please note, however, that it is also possible to adopt a romantic style in a more modern way and find sources of inspiration through other eras or by opting for soft shades, floral patterns, etc. Think, for example, to pastel colored lace dresses that you can wear to formal or cocktail events. Also consider dresses printed with floral designs which can be sensational and suitable for any time of the year. Floral fabrics, slightly sheer dresses, outfits in pastel colors are an excellent investment to perfect your romantic wardrobe. You can also draw inspiration from ancient Greece or add a delicate bohemian note to your outfit or, finally, focus on delicate and very feminine accessories.

The trendy style

If you are used to keeping an eye on the latest fashionable pieces and are a fan of trendy, ultra-fashion outfits, then you are undoubtedly a woman with a trendy style. Your wardrobe is constantly updated and constantly evolving according to the latest collections presented in stores or on the catwalks of the latest fashion week. You are often attracted to avant-garde silhouettes, flashy prints and very bright colors and do not hesitate to adopt an unusual and original way of wearing them. Every unique, eccentric, and unconventional detail captures your attention and your look always matches the latest trend. You certainly follow fashion, but always express your uniqueness with know-how and elegance.

The casual style

Your mantra? The search for effortless comfort. This is how your personality and relaxed style are expressed. You don't bother with cuts that are too close to the body and don't like your movements to be hampered by lines that are too tight or cuts that are too fitted. Stilettos or heeled pumps? Very little for you. Your style asserts itself through sneakers or flat ballerinas. Boyfriend jeans, wide-cut sweaters and cardigans , checked shirts, sandals…. Here are the few pieces that make up your cool and casual wardrobe.

Now that you know your style and the pieces that make it up, you will be able to express yourself more freely, with renewed boldness and confidence during your walks in the city and your shopping trips will certainly be more effective.

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