Les 6 pièces que toutes les femmes élégantes doivent avoir dans leur dressing

The 6 pieces that all elegant women must have in their wardrobe

The 6 pieces that all elegant women must have in their wardrobe

Dressing stylishly requires much more than knowing how to pair the right bag with the right pair of shoes. Having elegance is a state of mind, a way of living. Yes, but a wardrobe with a few classics is already a good start. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you the secrets of a good dressing room, and reviews the 6 pieces that all elegant women should store there.


Jeans, for an elegant wardrobe? Yes, like the little black dress (another classic to see below), jeans are a basic element which, when chosen well, can be synonymous with elegance. Search, try, compare. Find the shape of jeans that suits you best, and the brand that knows how to best enhance your shape. When you have found the ideal jeans, buy two copies! Favor dark shades, which go more easily with a cashmere top or a small white fitted jacket.

The white shirt

Here we are already a little more in the codes of elegance. Good news, it is now possible to find fitted white shirts, with beautiful materials, without breaking the bank. Opt for a white shirt that narrows at the waist, to give you a slim silhouette. Also dare to wear a Claudine collar, à la Audrey Hepburn, for a chic and casual look. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you, for example, theecru blouse with short sleeves with an Italian collar, or the fitted two-tone white and black blouse which brings a strong character.

The blazer or jacket

A well-designed jacket goes with just about any bottom! Having a nice jacket or blazer that you love will often help you add that missing touch to your look before going out to a party or going to the office. A jacket is also the right solution to slim down! You have the choice between jackets without buttons , but also the blazer with two buttons for an English touch, or even a jacket model with a Mandarin collar and patterns .

 Black trousers

Black pants are the centerpiece of the casual working girl. Yes, women have the right to wear pants, and what's more, it's chic! Carrot cut or wide cut , it's up to you to choose the models that suit you. Elegance must guide your choice, but also comfort. Avoid pants that stick too closely to your skin. Prefer trendy cuts, like carrot pants , and materials that are comfortable to wear for several hours.

The skirt

The dress is good. The skirt too. Also think about skirts that can be worn during the day, and which are not reserved for cocktail evenings. Showing off your legs in style is now simple with short, mid-length or, on the contrary, longer skirts.

The little black dress

Essential. How to find your little black dress that you will wear again and again, and which will always suit you just as well? The secret is to choose a fairly simple design, with a small element that makes the difference. In its selection of little black dresses , Mademoiselle Grenade offers short versions, with a tulle insert , with a trapeze shape, but also with a zipped collar or even with two materials .

Have a good week with Mademoiselle Grenade.


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