7 bonnes raisons de changer ou de faire évoluer un peu sa garde-robe.

7 good reasons to change or evolve your wardrobe a little.

7 good reasons to change or evolve your wardrobe a little.

Depending on the different stages of your life, it may be a good idea to redo your wardrobe. It's always a good excuse to go shopping. 

Because life is made up of different stages, there always comes a time when we say to ourselves that it is essential to redo our wardrobe and adopt a new look, a new clothing style. Tastes, professional and family situations, etc. evolve and the clothes that make up your daily outfits may no longer be adapted to these new circumstances.

Mademoiselle Grenade lists here some of the situations for which a change of style and an awakening of your wardrobe can be considered (or strongly recommended).


If you've just lost weight, it's definitely imperative to do some shopping. Indeed, even if you can, at first, wear a belt, it will quickly turn out to be unsightly or, in any case, will not bring you as much elegance as clothes adapted to your new figure. This is why, once your weight has stabilized at the set goal (make sure it is reasonable), get rid of your old clothes and devote yourself to your new wardrobe.



Many companies impose a specific dress code. If you've made a drastic career change, you'll need to invest in clothing appropriate for your new job . However, don't buy everything at once, especially if this is your first job. Bet on key pieces first. You will complete your professional wardrobe gradually, subsequently, depending on your finances.



If you're leaving your job for full-time maternity leave, your professional outfits will need to be put aside in favor of more practical, casual outfits. Choose a few items that are easy to care for, comfortable and pleasant to wear.

If, on the other hand, you return to work after a prolonged break in your professional career, you will have to do the opposite and look for a new, more formal wardrobe. It is possible that your old clothes are no longer suitable so you will need to look for elegant clothes that will reflect your professional status.



Although we believe that it is always best to dress the way you want to, above all else, there comes a time when it is appropriate to dress according to your age. Paying attention to this and remedying it by choosing suitable outfits can be important in certain cases. You can't wear clothes at 30 that were designed for people who are only in their 20s. This is also true in reverse and it's entirely possible that you can wear clothes that you couldn't actually wear ten years ago.



Sometimes we just want to change our image. Even if we love the way we look and the way we dress, we just want to make a few changes to our wardrobe. Most people don't always like a radical change that's too sudden. Why not start by purchasing new accessories or new glasses... It's a simple and effective start.



You've always been used to wearing jeans or pants and suddenly you find yourself wanting to wear skirts. What is the reason for this sudden change? Tastes change. It would be quite boring to have to dress the same way throughout your life. So nothing abnormal for you to feel attracted to a style different from the one that has been yours for a very long time. If your tastes start to evolve, follow your instincts and take advantage of them.



Even if you love your wardrobe and the style of clothing that defines you, wearing the same clothes every day can quickly become boring. It is often said that most of the time we wear 30% of our wardrobe. If you think this is your case, it may be because the remaining 70% doesn't really inspire you. Perhaps it's time to reread our article on organizing your wardrobe and part with those clothes in order to acquire new pieces.

Style is a unique story that plays out between us and our wardrobe, but changing your style does not necessarily imply getting rid of all the pieces of your wardrobe and replacing them with new ones. Sometimes we need (or want) to change our look and it is always good to question ourselves to feel better in our body, in harmony with ourselves or to feel more beautiful or more fashionable.

Depending on the circumstances, a few accessories will be enough or you will have to opt for a total overhaul of your wardrobe. This is why, before embarking on a complete makeover, ask yourself a few questions about the reasons that motivate you to change or evolve your clothing style. It will only take you a few moments and will direct you towards the right choices.


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