7 détails subtils mais que tout le monde remarque

7 subtle details that everyone notices

7 subtle details that everyone notices

The success of a perfect outfit does not only depend on your figure but also on attention to detail. If you focus on these, you will look quite remarkable and impeccable. If, on the other hand, you miss it you will at best give the impression of having dressed too quickly and at worst of having a catastrophic style.

You'd be surprised how many people scrutinize your style from top to bottom and notice every little negative detail. Read on and you should never make a style mistake or bad taste again. It's amazing how much impact certain little things can have on your appearance.


1 The length of your pants

It's true, life would be ideal if all pants matched perfectly with all of our shoes, from those with heels so high you could almost compete with the tallest skyscrapers to chic ballerinas and casual. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The solution ? When buying new pants, you should keep in mind the height of the heels that will accompany them. If you wear heels with dress pants, you want them to sit just above your shoe, usually about 1.5 centimeters from the ground. In case you wear flat shoes, your pants should completely cover the back of your shoe without you stepping on them and causing you to slide on the floor. When it comes to style, wearing these pants at the right length is essential, it's a detail that is very important. If necessary, take your pants to your seamstress who will be able to hem them to the ideal height to pair them with your favorite pair of heels.


2 An indiscreet opening…

Nothing is more unpleasant than wearing a perfectly fitted shirt over the entire bust and noticing a gaping hole between two buttons giving an indiscreet view of our underwear. Certain “open mouths” allow us to become aware of it, a little belatedly. If you are looking for a solution that allows you to wear that flattering shirt or blouse without attracting certain attention, you can wear a ribbon tied around your neck in an ascot style or a scarf. Another solution is to wear a blouse with concealed buttons. If your budget allows it, you can finally opt for a custom-made shirt.


3 Maintain your shoes

How are your shoes? Do they shine brightly? Are the heels in perfect condition? People look at your shoes more than you think. When you walk or when you cross your legs during meetings at the office for example... If, in addition, you work with women who love shoes, you can be sure that they will not fail to pay particular attention to yours .

Check your shoes regularly. Maintain them with a few suitable products and don't forget to regularly replace the protective heel tip: there is nothing worse than hearing the iron noise caused by the nail when it is exposed.


4 With or without a belt?

If you wear pants with belt loops, add a belt to your outfit. If you wear your blouse or a top tucked into your pants, don't forget to combine a correctly chosen belt with your look. The absence of a belt often gives an impression of neglected style so invest in a few belts carefully selected according to their size (the trouser loops can be more or less wide depending on the model), their style etc... and you will give the image of an elegant person from head to toe, including the belt.


5 The right sleeve length

It's quite strange how many people don't pay attention to sleeve length when buying clothes. Whether they are too long or too short is not a real problem as long as you are comfortable. However, when you're out and about, it can have a real impact on how your appearance is perceived. The wrong sleeve length can ruin your look very easily and make you look sloppy or just plain bad. Opt for blouses with sleeves that fall just above your wrists when your arms are at your sides. If necessary and if your budget allows it, have your favorite blouses remade by your tailor or seamstress. Is it worth it !


6 Too many accessories…

There are occasions when accessories are essential and complement an outfit perfectly. A perfectly chosen necklace can radically transform the look of a little black dress and bring you incredible style. However, if you need to be the center of attention such as during an interview or meeting, it is best to minimize the number of accessories worn. These could distract the attention of your interlocutors or make you seem a little too busy. In this kind of situation, stick to a discreet and delicate necklace, a simple pair of earrings and a ring on each hand.


7 Hair and nails…

Let's be honest, you know perfectly well the importance of well-groomed hair and a perfect manicure, right? When it comes to your hair, you don't have to worry about whether it is sophisticated, trendy, etc. Whether it is simple is not a problem in itself. It doesn't matter if your hair is short, long, tied up or down as long as it is maintained. On the other hand, you should not appear with wet hair. Wet hair always looks messy and can really harm your image. Take the time to dry them before going out or wash them before going to bed, they will be dry the next day. The same goes for your nails. Make sure to keep them impeccable and you will look absolutely remarkable. Neutral colors are perfect for the office or the city and a well-groomed manicure will always look impressive.

When it comes to style, the smallest details can have both a positive and negative impact. It is therefore imperative to pay particular attention to it. Once you start focusing on these little details, you will very quickly notice that you feel even better than usual. It’s a safe bet that you’ll also get more compliments on your looks.

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