Découvrez un basique : Le chemisier classique

Discover a basic: The classic blouse

Discover a basic: The classic blouse

The chicest, most traditional version of this basic piece always seems to be an ode to urban elegance. However, you have to be careful because its chic requires little to veer towards a formal look. It is often enough to wear your blouse with a fitted jacket and dress pants to give yourself a very "corporate" look.

Let's face it, if we asked those around you if this is the outfit that really represents you, it's a safe bet that the answers wouldn't be very favorable. This is why Mademoiselle Grenade suggests that you break away from the overly formal image of the white blouse by giving it a slightly more relaxed look. Here's how to wear a white blouse with an up-to-date casual style.

How to wear the white shirt?

The “natural beauty” style white shirt

These days have a “casual-chic” look and the new way to look “dressed chic”. Choose your white shirt or blouse a size or two larger than your usual size and you will have a boyfriend style, very trendy. You can also borrow a white shirt from your partner and give him a soft touch of femininity. Don't worry about his reaction. He probably won't pay attention until he realizes that you look absolutely fabulous in it.

Women always look very sexy when they borrow their man's "oversized" shirt. You'll look perfect for both smart and casual occasions by wearing a classic shirt that's too big for you. Do not hesitate ! Combine it with long pendants or necklaces and some ultra-feminine accessories. Planning to opt for this style on a night out with friends? To go for a drink or go out to a restaurant, pair this shirt with slim-chic pants and pretty high heels. You can also put together a sexy outfit by wearing it with your favorite jeans and your favorite boots.

The “uptown woman” style white shirt

Want to adapt your usual classic work outfit by giving it a sharp and feminine style? Here is a chic and glamorous outfit that you can wear for your days at the office and which suits all women regardless of their age or body shape. Choose a white blouse that suits your figure. It should fit perfectly without sticking to your skin.

Forget your usual pantsuits for a moment, after all he has the right to have a little rest too. Instead of dress pants , opt for a gorgeous pencil skirt . Wear your blouse with a fitted cardigan, roll up the sleeves, add a cute pair of heels and belt at the waist (thin or wide and sexy depending on your preferences). Here you are with a business, feminine, glamorous and... sharp look !

Advice from Mademoiselle Grenade

If you have a pyramid type body shape , the white shirt can emphasize your waist. In this case, choose a wide neckline to rebalance your silhouette. A wide neckline will minimize your lower bust.

If you have a curvy body type , keep your shirt loose on the base and unbutton the top of your shirt to slim the upper half of your bust, reduce the grip of your blouse on your waist and attract the looks at your beautiful necklace.

If you are short and petite , avoid cuts that are too loose. The idea is not to make you disappear or drown in it. Choose a cut that really fits your figure. You will be much more highlighted and will not give the impression of being in a tent. Last tip: Don't forget to roll up or roll up your sleeves. You will be surprised to see how much it changes your look.

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