Découvrez un basique : Le chemisier blanc à lavallière ou col noué

Discover a basic: The white blouse with a lavallière or tied collar

Discover a basic: The white blouse with a lavallière or tied collar

It's hard to get more feminine than a blouse with a lavaliere or tied collar. With it it is certain, even the photocopier or the coffee dispenser will benefit from a glamorous aura. Not to mention that this blouse will be very essential to allow you to go from the office to an unexpected evening effortlessly. As long as the knot to tie under the collar of your shirt is not sewn on it, you have a two-in-one piece that will offer you great versatility of looks. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips for wearing this sensual piece.

The “simple beauty” lavaliere blouse

Tie the knot a little loosely so that it is not directly on your neck but rather just above your bust. Tuck your shirt into your favorite jeans and wear a cute cardigan or cardigan on top. Planning lunch with your friends? Complete your outfit with a pretty pair of ballerinas (black, brown or nude) and a pretty handbag for a chic and feminine touch.

The “deliciously feminine” lavaliere blouse

You can easily push the feminine, glamorous and sensual potential of this blouse by tying the knot at the base of your neck. Make sure to tie the prettiest knot possible with loops as large as possible. Take inspiration from pretty gift packages. Once you've achieved this goal, tuck your blouse into a cute fitted skirt . Opt for a tulip skirt or a ball skirt which will do the trick perfectly. Don't forget to enhance the seductive appeal of this outfit with a pretty pair of heels. If you're not used to skirts, choose a nice pair of high-waisted pants .

Mademoiselle Grenade’s advice:

This ultra-feminine blouse is absolutely essential for women with slim busts. Indeed, the volume provided by its pretty curls focuses attention on the elegance of your neck. If you don't like to wear your blouse buttoned completely, you can also leave the fabric panels detached so that they hang along the buttonhole. The materials can also bring different styles to this timeless blouse: you can opt for blouses in cotton , comfortable to wear, in silk...

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