10 éléments essentiels dans sa garde robe

10 key pieces in your wardrobe

We have determined the 10 essential pieces of your wardrobe that will allow you to cope with most situations. You are preparing to make some purchases, consult this list which will help you wisely complete your different outfits. Invest in pieces that will reassure you on any occasion.

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Les vêtements indispensables du dressing féminin

Essential clothes for a woman's wardrobe

If we want to convey who we are to others, our attire is a great tool to use in business. Of course, it's best to avoid short pants, sloppy tops, and shapeless clothing. You should also avoid wearing outfits that are too worn or too loose, or too close to the body. Generally speaking, if we dress and act as a socially responsible person, wishing to enhance the image of our company, we will be perceived as such. For this, your wardrobe is a valuable tool.

Whether you want to make a good impression in a professional setting or on a less formal outing, certain clothes are essential. Mademoiselle Grenade takes stock of these timeless basics and other items of clothing that you should urgently have in your feminine wardrobe. 

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Les indispensables du dressing féminin : Le chemisier blanc

Women's wardrobe essentials: The white blouse

The white blouse may very well be the best way to make a difference. This simple garment combined with the right color and pattern will allow you to have a fresh and resplendent outfit in the eyes of those around you. Mademoiselle Grenade explains how to highlight your white blouse and transform this simple piece into a must-have item for your wardrobe.

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Pourquoi la robe noire est un basique indispensable ?

Why is the black dress an essential basic?

Since its creation, Coco Chanel 's little black dress has become an essential element of women's wardrobe. It's hard to miss this timeless piece that every woman must have in her wardrobe. But what is the strength or rather what are the advantages of the black dress? If you are still hesitant to take the plunge and integrate this basic into your wardrobe, Mademoiselle Grenade gives you the four main advantages of the black dress which could well help you invest in this chic basic.

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Découvrez un basique : Le chemisier blanc à lavallière ou col noué

Discover a basic: The white blouse with a lavallière or tied collar

It's hard to get more feminine than a blouse with a lavaliere or tied collar. With it it is certain, even the photocopier or the coffee dispenser will benefit from a glamorous aura. Not to mention that this blouse will be very essential to allow you to go from the office to an unexpected evening effortlessly. As long as the knot to tie under the collar of your shirt is not sewn on it, you have a two-in-one piece that will offer you great versatility of looks. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips for wearing this sensual piece.

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Découvrez un basique : Le chemisier classique

Discover a basic: The classic blouse

The chicest, most traditional version of this basic piece always seems to be an ode to urban elegance. However, you have to be careful because its chic requires little to veer towards a formal look. It is often enough to wear your blouse with a fitted jacket and dress pants to give yourself a very "corporate" look.

Let's face it, if we asked those around you if this is the outfit that really represents you, it's a safe bet that the answers wouldn't be very favorable. This is why Mademoiselle Grenade suggests that you break away from the overly formal image of the white blouse by giving it a slightly more relaxed look. Here's how to wear a white blouse with an up-to-date casual style.

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10 vêtements que chaque femme doit avoir dans son dressing élégant

10 clothes that every woman must have in her elegant wardrobe

If you are a loyal reader of Mademoiselle Grenade's diary, you know that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to have a dressing room adapted to your style, functional and elegant . We regularly recommend that you own a few trendy pieces to have an up-to-date look and also invite you to own basic pieces. Basic clothes are useful for easily putting together timeless, feminine and stylish outfits. Here is a list of ten items of clothing that every woman must have in an elegant wardrobe.

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15 Basiques indispensables à votre garde-robe de tous les jours.

15 essential basics for your everyday wardrobe.

Do you aspire to a certain continuity, from one year to the next, in your clothing style? The ideal is therefore to create a simple and effective wardrobe, chic and classic. You don't want to worry about the latest trends and even less follow them? Never mind! Mademoiselle Grenade guides you today towards the essential pieces for your wardrobe , the must-haves which will give you a remarkable and timeless look: the basics! Follow the leader.

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10 Basiques indispensables pour être parfaitement habillée en soirée

10 essential basics to be perfectly dressed in the evening

There are basics that will allow you to be properly dressed in the evening. Thanks to these timeless pieces you will never be caught off guard and will no longer have to wonder about what pieces to wear during an important meeting or a somewhat formal or dressy event. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you here a non-exhaustive list of these essential and timeless basics which will always be suitable for a dressy evening.

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