Les indispensables du dressing féminin : Le chemisier blanc

Women's wardrobe essentials: The white blouse

Women's wardrobe essentials: The white blouse

The white blouse may very well be the best way to make a difference. This simple garment combined with the right color and pattern will allow you to have a fresh and resplendent outfit in the eyes of those around you. Mademoiselle Grenade explains how to highlight your white blouse and transform this simple piece into a must-have item for your wardrobe.

The power of the white blouse

While most women instinctively choose black pieces for any occasion, the one who dares to think outside the box and wear a white blouse will stand out and cause a sensation among her peers. She will not stand out as if she were wearing sequins from head to toe, she will be more discreet but still just as effective. The white blouse has this pleasant power to brighten up a dark room, a crowd dressed in black.

V-neck blouse, white

The magic of white at the service of your style

Many of us think of white as a symbol of purity and light, like a deep inhalation of fresh spring air. An essential style icon, the white blouse can take on countless shapes, from cufflinks to its collar. The white blouse has no limits and that is what makes it a must have.

White casual blouse, V-neckline

Some care tips for your white blouse

Whether it's a bright, slightly off-white or a classic ecru, the goal is to maintain that original color. To care for your blouse, we recommend using a dry cleaner or washing it by hand. The best secret is to combine a little warm water with a quarter cup of bleach and a splash of dry detergent. Finish with a double rinse, hot, then cold, which will ensure a thorough clean.

White sheer voile shirt

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