Quel est votre style actuel ? (Quiz récréatif et utile).

What is your current style? (Recreational and useful quiz).

What is your current style? (Recreational and useful quiz).

Before putting together a stylish and functional wardrobe , Mademoiselle Grenade invites you to take a few moments to understand your style by answering a very simple quiz. Rest assured, the idea is not to replace the women's press quiz but simply to help you discover yourself a little more, if necessary, in order to become aware of your current style and eventually evolve towards your true personal style. .

Here is a little recreational moment but which will certainly be interesting to discover yourself. Have fun ! Pretend you've just hired a personal fashion stylist ! Try to answer the following questions as if you were an outsider. No one knows you better than you, but if you've never really questioned your clothing style (and it's very likely that you have) what you'll discover might surprise you. Have fun with this quiz, be honest with yourself and let your true self answer these questions.

Mademoiselle Grenade's Style Quiz

What is your style ? Take this quiz and find out. Write down on a sheet of paper the answers that best describe you:

You are more comfortable in:

A- a long, flowing dress

B- a quality fine knit sweater

C- a two-piece swimsuit

D- the latest trend

E- a white blouse combined with jeans

F- a tracksuit

When you're not working you feel really good:

A- In a romantic vacation spot

B- On a tennis court hitting the ball

C- at the beach

D- in the center of a big city

E- at home preparing an intimate dinner

F- driving your SUV with the kids

On the accessory side, your choice is:

A- ten golden bracelets to wear on your wrist

B- two or three rows of pearls

C- a rash guard (scuba diving T-shirt)

D- the last “it” bag

E- a pair of oversized, round, black “ Jackie O ” style sunglasses

F- a diaper bag

The perfect pair of everyday shoes is:

A- flip flops

B- moccasins

C- barefoot

D- stilettos

E- ballerinas

F- tennis shoes

You tend to wear:

A- mainly white

B- Lots of navy blue

C- Bright colors

D- Black from head to toe

E- Only neutral colors

F- Dark colors

Fashion and style quiz: Evaluate your answers

Now that you've taken this quiz, find out your results and what defines your clothing style. If your answers are mostly in group A, B, C… you clearly belong to one of the 6 groups presented below.

A majority of A: Bohemian style

You are bohemian in style. You like to wear romantic, flowing and loose tops, skirts or dresses. You like to be casual but still look pretty. Most of your clothes can be worn day or night. You give the elegant impression of arriving from a stroll by the sea, on the beach, no matter what time it is. You probably give off relaxed and delicate vibes. Your color palette includes white, white, more white but more white. You also like natural shades like ochres, shades of brown, beige and may also be seduced by summer shades like turquoise or coral.

Bohemian style dressA bohemian, boho-chic style blouse

A majority of B: Preppy style

Your thing? Preppy style . You like to wear polo shirts and pair them with stylish chinos or chic shorts depending on your schedule and the weather forecast. We are likely to see you in shorts at a leisure club during the day and in fitted cotton pants during a barbecue evening with friends. The quality fine knit sweater is the cornerstone of your clothing style.

Your color palette consists mainly of navy blue, but also apple green and pink. And you enjoy contrasting its shades with chic white. On days when you want to add a little more daring to your outfit and be noticed, you don't hesitate to wear chic prints and checked fabrics (Burberry, Argyle, tartan, etc.) The preppy style can seem "old school » but despite everything it is timeless and appeals to all generations, even today.

Preppy style: The art of chic and coolPreppy style

A majority of Cs: surfer-chic style

If you answered a majority of Cs to the questions asked above, you belong to the surfer-chic style. Your number 1 priority? Is the weather at the seaside nice and are there going to be good waves? What happens in the “real” world is ultimately not very important. Your world is the beach.

You like to spend your days, from evening to morning (and until the end of the night) on the fine sand or above the waves. Your favorite outfit is simple and consists of a bikini or a rash guard that you combine with a swimsuit. Your color palette is made up of red, yellow, blue... Shades that you associate with white. Bright bright colors become part of your clothing style and make you easily spotted by your surfing friends, especially when you disappear behind the big waves.

Surfer style outfitSurfer style: Beach outfit.

A majority of D: Fashionista style

You probably already know that you are a real fashionista. Your thing? The city center of big cities. You never go out without your stilettos. You like to always be perfectly dressed, a bit sophisticated and always at the heart of the trend. You often fall for big luxury brands as well as items from renowned stylists. Be careful, you are not a fashion victim. You never will be. But, on the other hand, if you can't afford a piece from a haute couture house, you have exactly how to adapt your style to give the impression that you are wearing the label of your favorite brand.

You know what pieces to invest in and how to make your look look like gold. You never miss the release of the latest Vogue Magazine like the latest Elle or Harper's Bazaar . Your colors oscillate between black and black ( always more black ) which you associate with the flagship color of the moment and which is often called: "the new black" even if it is burgundy, pastel blue or even orange (orange is the new black). Yes, okay, we're caricaturing a bit. What is certain is that you know fashion and the latest trends like the back of your hand. Like a chameleon, you play with looks and styles by perfectly mastering the cuts, materials, colors...

Pink skirt and perfecto setBeige and white pencil skirt and crop topLook cool with shorts and a perfecto tied at the waistBoyfriend jeans and blazer jacket: A casual style, perfectly mastered

A majority of E: The classic chic style

You have a classic style. You have a disconcerting ease in getting dressed every morning and combining the right pieces from your wardrobe, always with chic. You only wear basic, quality clothes and your wardrobe responds to the adage “Less is more”. Your wardrobe is not too cluttered but the pieces are chosen with taste, for their versatility, elegance and timelessness.

Your wardrobe consists of white blouses , raw jeans, a black blazer jacket , a black dress or two and a beautiful trench coat or two. You also like to vary your outfits by combining the scarves or scarves that you almost collect as well as beautiful, elegant handbags. Your favorite colors are denim blue, white, black to which you add a few colorful accessories here and there. Generally speaking, your wardrobe is made up of neutral shades, appreciated for their versatility and all-around chic.

Classic chic style: Blue flared pants and low-cut blouseThe little black dress: a chic and timeless classic in women's wardrobe

The little black dress: A classic chic wardrobe essential.
The black tuxedo pantsuit: An essential for a classic chic wardrobe Another essential for a woman's wardrobe with a classic chic style: the pantsuit. Here offered in a tuxedo version with a satin tailored collar.

A majority of F: Casual contemporary style

You undoubtedly belong to the relaxed contemporary style. You are not particularly attracted to life in the heart of the city and prefer to lead a relaxed life on the outskirts, seeing clearly outside the urban hustle and bustle. You spend most of your time caring for others but manage to squeeze in a gym or run outside whenever possible. Running errands or serving as a driver for the children takes up a lot of your time and that's why you prioritize comfort over style.

A sweatshirt, fitted and nice? It's your favorite piece. As soon as you wake up, do you put it on your shoulders like a uniform that will follow you through all the activities of the day? If you have a night out planned and marked on your diary, a quick outfit change with jeans and a smarter sweatshirt (or T-shirt) will do the trick. Your color palette is made up of dark colors like navy blue, gray or black. These colors are flattering in addition to being slimming.

Casual contemporary styleCasual contemporary style: Blue hooded jacket

Help ! I have no majority...

If your answers do not clearly indicate membership in one of the groups above, it is probably because you do not attach importance to style. You take the clothes according to the scheduled activities. If you agree with this, perhaps you should consider developing your personal style .

You can easily work on this: Take the questionnaire again and answer the questions by answering them no longer with the answers that correspond to you according to you but rather by trying to perceive what you would like to give as an image of yourself. Remember, you shouldn't have multiple styles at once. Of course, it is important and necessary to be able to adapt your outfits according to your social and professional activities, according to your mood... However, rather than developing a multitude of styles in order to adapt to each occasion, try instead to use your personal clothing style as a common thread in each of your outfits.

By modifying certain small touches, by choosing the right accessories, you can be able to create varied looks, with your own style in common. You guessed it, the list of styles offered here is far from exhaustive. The idea was to help you identify your current style and open you up to other possibilities. Even if you don't find yourself in one of the styles suggested here, choosing one (from this list or from other styles not mentioned here) and designing your own around it can make your life easier.

Finally, don't imagine that you don't have the right from time to time, depending on your mood or the occasion, to let yourself be tempted by other looks. But if you want to develop your personal style, you need to minimize the number of styles you usually wear.

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