10 Basiques indispensables pour être parfaitement habillée en soirée

10 essential basics to be perfectly dressed in the evening

10 essential basics to be perfectly dressed in the evening

There are basics that will allow you to be properly dressed in the evening. Thanks to these timeless pieces you will never be caught off guard and will no longer have to wonder about what pieces to wear during an important meeting or a somewhat formal or dressy event. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you here a non-exhaustive list of these essential and timeless basics which will always be suitable for a dressy evening.

The scene is familiar: A woman stands in front of her dressing room, examines the clothes that make it up one by one while lamenting: “What should I wear”, “I have nothing to wear”. While this type of thinking seems a little extreme and the panicked behavior that accompanies it a bit exaggerated when it comes to dressing for a shopping trip with friends, the lack of appropriate attire for a formal event or Well, a meeting with a headhunter can legitimize these remarks and the panic that accompanies them.

However, with a few essential elements for a wardrobe worthy of the name, you are guaranteed to always have with you the necessary pieces to put together a suitable and ideal outfit to deal with the slightest event, as unexpected as it is important.

Black fitted pants

Chosen with a flattering cut, black pants are a very elegant basic that transcends trends but which, in addition, has the capacity to be very versatile. Black pants are definitely one of those pieces that can be worn with just about every other piece in your wardrobe, including those shown below.

Whether you want to wear them to the office, during your outings with friends or in the evenings, these pants are incredibly versatile.

A pretty white (or blue) blouse

Nothing fits and accents pants or skirts as well as a fitted, fitted blouse. The elegance that emerges from its cut and its sleeves ending with pretty cuffs is incomparable and no shirt can compare. Correctly chosen, a blouse will always be a very good ally in creating an elegant and appropriate outfit for an office outfit or a professional meeting with a client. Paired with pretty, flattering jeans, it will highlight your relaxed femininity for Sunday brunch with friends.

Casual blouse, V-neck

A day dress

Since women's pants have become accepted as a stylish base for a daytime outfit, the dress is no longer worn as much as it once was. However, the dress can offer us a sophisticated look and is entirely appropriate for events such as a lunch in town, attending a concert one afternoon... The only effort a dress requires is that which consists of closing its zipper . Invest in a pretty chic and casual dress and you will see that you will quickly enjoy giving your pants a well-deserved rest.

Blouse dress, short sleeves, beige

A black suit set

In the corporate and business world, a black suit is truly essential. Having at least one skirt and jacket set is even a golden rule. But the suit set is essential even outside the professional setting. No matter where you are, wearing a properly fitted jacket and skirt you will make a good impression. You will appear polished, educated, chic and trendy. This is why you absolutely must have a suit set in your feminine wardrobe and why you absolutely must invest in a suit worthy of the name, even if you have to invest a little more than usual. Rest assured, the jacket + skirt sets can be worn independently and therefore create several outfits. Your purchase will therefore quickly pay for itself.

Tuxedo jacket, one button, black.

An evening dress

Whether it's for a night out at the club, a formal dinner or a cocktail evening, a pretty, quality black dress will always be suitable and will give you an elegant and sophisticated style. And the one that offers you beautiful details such as a V-neckline, a fitted waist or a flared and floaty skirt will be brought out of your closet again and again. The ideal accessory to accompany your little black dress, whether it is a wonderful pearl necklace or patent leather sandals, will serve the dress in such a way that it is as well suited to an evening with impeccable dressing code as for a less formal evening.

Long slit dress, red

A dressy jacket

Wearing a dress jacket is a great way to make most pieces in your wardrobe chic. Most suit jackets are timeless and therefore a very good investment. A pretty fitted and fitted jacket will be suitable for your office outfits as well as for your dressy evenings. It can be worn with pants or a skirt for a chic and elegant outfit but can also be worn with jeans. Don't be surprised if, on occasion, your sister or your mother wants to borrow it from you...

Tuxedo jacket, one button, black

A clutch

If you are used to night outs and formal evenings, you absolutely must acquire a minaudière. Because it is lighter than an evening bag and can hold everything that may be useful during an evening, this feminine accessory is an essential for the evening festivities. A correctly chosen minaudière will allow you to hold your smartphone, a little money, your car keys, your lipstick (of course it is essential)... Most minaudières have a small chain so that you can carry it over your shoulder. if you want to free your hands.

Scarf, shawl, stole…

Nothing complements an evening dress quite like a stole or shawl. Whether in cashmere or silk, this feminine and sophisticated accessory does not replace a parka but has the advantage of keeping our shoulders warm during a short trip on foot such as when we have to cross the park to reach the car. In addition, this type of element can be worn with a formal dress as well as a more casual outfit.

Black pumps

Sorry, Prince Charming. If Cinderella were around today, she would ditch the vair slippers and put her feet in pretty black leather pumps. This fashion classic has stood the test of time so well that it deserves the status of a timeless basic. The black pump can be worn day or night, with jeans as well as dress pants or a skirt and is suitable for both dressy occasions and more casual events. Whether entirely black or adorned with a subtle pattern, the pump adapts to all our outfits and all our desires.

Heeled sandals

If possible, choose them with black or silver or gold straps. They will easily match most of your outfits ranging from red to black. Choose them wisely and pay particular attention to comfort so that you can dance the night away if necessary.

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