Comment paraître plus voluptueuse quand on est trop maigre ?

How to appear more voluptuous when you are too skinny?

How to appear more voluptuous when you are too skinny?

The vacation allowed you to relax, to practice your favorite sporting activities, but now you have returned to your usual lifestyle. You're not like most women who are obsessed with dieting. You don't want to lose the few kilos that would have slipped onto the scale after the excesses of the summer. No. You are one of those who, on the contrary, would like to have taken a few extra centimeters to beautify their silhouette. Your more voluptuous friends envy your figure. However, it's also not always a dream situation to be too skinny, except on the catwalk.

Are you a skinny woman who wants a curvier silhouette? Here are some ideas to more easily achieve your wish.

Ask your friends and you will find that some do not hesitate to eat whatever you want, such as certain foods considered too fatty, the best example is cold meats, ice creams that are too sweet, and all this to have a few extra pounds. It is an equally difficult battle for some women to win and all the methods used are sometimes in vain. The easiest solution to follow to appear less skinny will be through the composition of your wardrobe.

How to look less skinny with clothes?

Wear clothes that add volume

Of course, the quickest and easiest way to create the illusion of curves is to wear clothes that add volume to your figure. A cut of skirts and dresses with lots of ruffles and pleats and layered layers are great options for adding some much-needed volume to your figure.

Use your physical assets

If you are a skinny woman, you must first analyze and understand your physical assets. If you have a narrow waist, mark it by highlighting this thin waist with a belt. Most women would like to have a narrow waist, so why not be the object of their desire? Show off your assets and hide what's hurting your appearance. For example, if you feel that your legs are too skinny, your narrow waist will be enhanced with a wide belt and a loose midi-length skirt will complete the ensemble.

Red bell skirt, high waist, midi length

Prefer pastel shades

While slightly curvy women are advised to wear dark colors and avoid pastels, you should do the exact opposite. Wear a lot of pastels, you will look very elegant and you will stand out positively in a group of people.

Swan neck dress and high-waisted flared skirt, pastel blue

Determine what trends make you look better

Just because skinny jeans are trendy doesn't mean you have to wear them too. Take your time to determine if a trend works with your body type and figure . If you think your legs are too skinny, opt for a straight cut or one with a little fullness to hide them. Knowing what works and doesn't work for your body is the most crucial step in creating a more flattering silhouette.

Be more extravagant

The best thing about being skinny is that you can rock funky styles without having to worry if they make you look curvier. So, dresses with ruffles, frilled blouses or with balloon or puffed sleeves are all styles that you can wear without the slightest hesitation.

Two-tone fitted blouse, for women

Curvy women always wonder how skinny ones get there. But, in either case, there is sometimes a daily struggle to change your silhouette. The most reasonable thing is surely to select outfits to highlight your assets and thus enjoy life.

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