Les erreurs à ne pas faire pour paraitre plus grande

Mistakes not to make to appear taller

Mistakes not to make to appear taller

The right height is an obsession among young girls who consider this physical characteristic to be essential. The reality is that many girls have to be satisfied with a more modest height. If you are one of those girls who want to look taller without unnecessary surgery or medications, it is reasonable to learn how to dress yourself while avoiding the most common pitfalls. Mademoiselle Grenade advises you on the rules to follow and the pitfalls to avoid to lengthen your silhouette and appear taller .

There are tricks to help those that are too big appear smaller. The opposite also exists. There are some very simple basics to know. We're going to focus on some tips that will reassure you about your appearance and make you realize that you don't have to be tall to look tall. Choose clothing and accessories wisely.

Choose the right shoes

Most of the time, shoes play an important role if you want to appear taller. If you look at the presenters, they wear heels that we don't imagine in our closet. But, even with high heels, if you don't choose the right style of shoes, you can achieve the opposite effect of what you want. For example, to appear taller , avoid wearing shoes with an ankle strap. In fact, this strap will visually cut the height of your legs and minimize the height of your silhouette. In summer, opt for shoes that expose your feet. This way you will create the illusion of longer legs .

Ban large bags from your wardrobe

Large bags are very trendy. Practical, they allow you to do your shopping and adopt an ecological attitude. Oddly enough, while these large bags can make you look fashionable, they can make you look smaller. Particularly if they are made of very long straps. If you are a woman who wants to look taller , complete your outfit with chic but small handbags. They will enhance your look and not make you disappear completely. Large bags are one of the fashion mistakes to avoid if you are petite, as these can actually make you appear smaller than you actually are. Small handbags, small clutches or cross-body bags will balance out almost any outfit without negatively affecting your waistline.

Choose the right skirt length

Skirts are ideal for facing all circumstances. They can be worn at the office or for any outing with friends or family. However, there are so many different styles, lengths, and patterns that it's important to make the right choice to look taller . Wearing the right skirt can help you look perfect. On the other hand, my choice, a skirt can make you look smaller than you are. The midi skirt looks very elegant on a model who is perhaps 10 to 15 cm taller than you.

Likewise, the pleated and loose maxi skirt is not really for you. To look taller , opt for pretty, perfectly elegant short or knee-length skirts. If you want to wear a maxi skirt, choose a close-fitting cut to accentuate your leg length. Sexy tights will be the card to play to achieve the chic look .

Forget overly baggy clothes that minimize your figure

For greater comfort and ease, you may be tempted to wear oversized clothes. Even though these are up to date, they are very difficult to wear in your case. In fact, they can produce the opposite effect: give the impression of being taller . To add a few more centimeters to your figure, you must not disappear in your clothes. If you want to wear loose (oversized) outfits, opt for one wide piece at a time. You can wear a loose top with slim jeans.

You can also wear loose pants with a chic tank top or a close-fitting crop top. On the other hand, do not wear a loose fit at the bottom and top. One wide piece at a time. Either you choose the top that is a little looser, or it will be pants or a skirt with a little more fullness. This is essential to respect your wishes to visually modify your measurements.

The perfect haircut to look taller

This is an easy solution to adopt. Your haircut can help you elongate your silhouette. Your hairdresser will be able to guide you in your choices. A short cut, which allows you to free your neck and also the nape of your neck, can be a solution for the few centimeters you are looking for. An original accessory can also help you appear taller. As you can see it's not a problem to be small.

Not all women are as tall as the supermodels we see in fashion magazines. Solutions are within your reach. Stylists are keen to dress all women elegantly. The most important thing is to find what flatters you and gives you a feeling of well-being.

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