Comment s’habiller avec des hanches larges et quelles couleurs porter ?

How to dress with wide hips and what colors to wear?

How to dress with wide hips and what colors to wear?

The change of season is conducive to renewing your wardrobe. You come back from vacation very motivated and ready to implement the best resolutions to take even greater care with your presentation. Your most ardent wish is to make your figure look slimmer. You are one of those who have a body shape characterized by wide hips . Most of the time you wear shift dresses to hide what embarrasses you in dark colors and thus make you look slimmer. Why not let yourself be convinced that all colors are your best allies? Mademoiselle Grenade guides you to obtain this elegance, this look that you are hoping for.

How to dress when you have wide hips?

What colors for tops or blouses?

When it comes to making a part of the body discreet the best technique is to highlight the opposite part. To minimize the width of your hips, you should choose light and bright colors for your tops. This way, you naturally direct attention to your bust. Nothing can be more important than drawing attention to your assets with bold hues. Let yourself be tempted by eye-catching prints and original patterns, it's the best solution to personalize your outfit and show off your energy at all times.

Flowy blouse with round neck, fuchsia

What are the best choices for skirts or pants?

The color of your skirt or pants should always contrast with that of the garment worn above. So, if you really want to give your hips a slimming effect, opt for dark colors like black, chocolate brown, gray... It doesn't matter if you wear pants or skirts, dark colors can dress up your hips and make them more elegant. For jeans, try selecting darker shades instead of choosing light shades.

Straight cut pants for women: Chic and casual

What dresses to wear to minimize the size of my hips?

Are you one of those who, in the performance of your duties, must be impeccably dressed every day? Do you like to vary the different components of your outfit while showing a preference for a very feminine look? Opt for dresses that will flatter the top of your anatomy: strapless dress, princess dress, V-neck dress or dress with thin straps ... Also opt for dark or medium-dark shades which will bring you the most satisfaction. Large prints or patterns on a dark background can also create an illusion of longer, slimmer legs.

Dress with godet skirt, V-neckline, navy blue

What clothing to wear outdoors when you have wide hips?

To minimize the width of your hips, the colors of your outer clothing play a crucial role. If you wear a coat, make sure it is dark enough and flowy from the waist down. On the other hand, the colors of your blazers or jackets should always be in your color palette so that they can match your tops or blouses and make you look chic.

Gray trench coat for women, in chic suede

What width and what shade for a belt?

A belt is the most useful accessory one needs to make their hips narrower. You can choose the size and width of the belt according to the proportions of your figure. However, it is recommended to stick to light shades. So choose ecru colors or neutral colors.

Which scarf to choose?

It's hard to do without a scarf. Especially in winter. this fashion accessory can highlight the upper half of our body. Don't hesitate to wrap your neck or shoulders with a scarf or stole in bright shades to highlight the upper part of your body. You will bring fantasy to your outfit by playing with the different ways to wear a scarf. You can also wear it with a brooch or a pretty pin to hold it in place. In addition, this accessory can be renewed every day just by changing color. These tips should make you consider how to dress more confidently and be sure to look elegant and chic at all times.

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