Comment habiller une morphologie de type pyramide ?

How to dress a pyramid type body shape?

How to dress a pyramid type body shape?

Pyramid morphology? How to dress the pyramid shape also called triangle shape?


Sometimes called a pear, triangle or A-shaped body shape, the pyramid type body shape is characterized by a waist wider than the bust, very rounded hips and buttocks and shoulders narrower than the latter.

To check if you are one of those who have a pyramid shape without taking your measurements, simply stand naked in front of a mirror and observe your anatomy:

You have a pyramid type body shape if:

  • Your waist is wider than your bust
  • You have hips wider than your bust
  • Your shoulders are narrower than your hips
  • You have full buttocks that are wider than your shoulders

Whatever shapes you want to show off (or hide), we've got you covered with this 6-step guide to dressing up your pyramid body shape .


Your goal is to rebalance the proportions of your figure. The goal of the game is therefore to visually lengthen it. Pyramid body types are flattered when dressed in statement tops that catch the eye and emphasize the waist, back or décolleté. Want another unstoppable tip? Choose accessories like earrings or necklaces that will draw attention to the top of your figure. Believe us, this tip is a real secret weapon.


The essential tops to dress a pyramid shape

Dare to let go fully! All bold feminine tops are precious to you. Don’t be afraid to wear tops in bright colors and tops printed with spectacular patterns. If you're feeling brave enough to wear patterned blouses, tops or printed blouses, go for it! The most flattering tops to highlight your figure are:

  • Tops and blouses with a V-neck are perfect for elongating your figure
  • Tops with boat neckline
  • Sweaters or tops with a scoop neck are ideal for adding volume to the upper part of your figure.
  • Tops with pagoda sleeves (fitted to the elbows and flared to the wrists)
  • Tops with a scoop neck like dancer collar tops
  • Tunics worn with straight pants

Generally speaking, fitted, structured tops define the line of your narrow shoulders and draw attention to your narrow waist.


The best jackets to flatter a pyramid shape

Pyramid silhouettes look great wearing jackets that are straight cut and stop at the waist. A jacket with shoulder pads that stop above or below the hips will be perfect. Overcoats that stop at mid-thigh work well too, but you will certainly prefer a shorter feminine jacket, which emphasizes the waist.

Suit jacket without buttons, floral print


The best dresses to match your body shape

There is no shortage of options to highlight your body shape! Low-cut dresses, backless dresses or even belted dresses will flatter your upper body by visually elongating it. A-line dresses and similarly cut skirts are also fantastic for balancing out your body shape. Generally speaking, cuts that stop just below the knee will elongate your silhouette and slim your hips and thighs.

Dresses and maxi skirts are just as ideal and have the advantage of being particularly comfortable. Finally, empire waist dresses are also at your service.


The best jeans and pants to accompany a pyramid body shape

Now that you have opted for bold tops, printed with dynamic patterns, you must favor more subtle shades to dress the bottom of your figure. Favor neutral and dark shades. This will have the effect of drawing attention to the top of your figure.

Even if jeans (or denim) are an essential piece of our wardrobes, they remain a delicate item of clothing to buy. There are so many marks, cuts, etc. It is therefore difficult to find the best jeans suited to your figure.

Flared pants and flare (bell-bottom) or bootcut (flared at the bottom) jeans are perfect for balancing the lower part of your figure with your narrow shoulders. Additionally, if you are a petite woman, bootcut cuts have the advantage of elongating the body. This will make you appear taller . If you like bell bottom cuts, make sure your pants flirt with the sole of your shoes for an absolutely remarkable look!

Furthermore, avoid pleats, side pockets and any details located at hip level.

Choosing jeans suited to your body shape:

  • Avoid: low-rise jeans that will emphasize your hips and butt
  • Instead, look for: high-waisted jeans that will give the illusion of longer legs.
  • Bootcuts and flares are best to balance your waistline
  • Opt for dark shades like faded black jeans that will flatter your curves


What skirt to wear when you have a pyramid type body shape?

First of all, you need to make sure you wear skirts that flatter your figure and will accentuate its positive aspects. If you have a pyramid type body shape, opt for skirts that will reveal your magnificent curves!

As with the round body type , pencil skirts are ideal for accentuating your curves while balancing them thanks to the straight cut of the skirt. Opt for professional, neutral pencil skirts without fashion artifice. Furthermore, you can also, as mentioned above, wear maxi skirts. These skirts work wonderfully on pyramid type silhouettes. If you are short, rejoice, maxi skirts will make you look taller.


Accessories to make a pyramid shape shine

Choker necklaces are made for you! Don’t hesitate to wear your most colorful, most remarkable necklaces. They will also draw the eye to the top of your anatomy.

Do you like earrings? Take full advantage of it. The bigger they are, the better.

Are you going out on the town? Don't hesitate to wear a bag just under your arm rather than at hip level.

And since you now have an absolutely flattering outfit, don't hesitate to complete it, if necessary, with a wide-brimmed hat. Few figures can wear these hats as well as you.

One last thing :

Every woman is different, every body is different. If you feel like your body shape isn't quite pyramid-shaped, consider doing some testing to see what works perfectly and flatters your figure wonderfully.

Mademoiselle Grenade gives you here some tips, some ideas to follow and we are sure that you will know how to best adapt them to your curves.

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