Morphologie en rond : les caractéristiques et les conseils pour l'habiller.

How to dress a round body type?

How to dress a round body type?

Round shape, apple or O... What is a round shape and how to dress it?


Do you have a round body shape? Rejoice! Sometimes called an apple, round or O-shaped morphology, this morphology is quite close to the inverted pyramid type morphology. These two body shapes are known for their broad shoulders, but in general, the round body shape is characterized by thighs and a waist of almost the same width as the shoulders. Most of the time, the shoulder line is rounded, the arms are thick and the waist is very little defined. Whatever shapes you want to show off (or hide), we've got you covered with this 6-step guide to dressing your curvy body type .

To check if you are one of those who have a round body shape without taking your measurements, simply stand naked in front of a mirror and observe your anatomy:

You are generally well proportioned and you have this body shape if:

  • Your shoulders are the same width or a little wider than your hips
  • At the hips, you are not necessarily as curvy
  • Your waistline is not well defined (otherwise, you probably have an hourglass type body shape)


To look absolutely remarkable, a woman with a round body shape must highlight her strong points (her bust and legs) while camouflaging her weak points (her abdomen).

Do you have a round body shape? Life is beautiful ! Women who have a curvy body type look incredibly beautiful when they emphasize their bust, gorgeous legs and/or arms. In general, cuts that do not rely on a structured waistline are the most effective for dressing an O-shaped body shape.


The essential tops to flatter a curvy body shape

Good news ! The most comfortable tops in the world also have the advantage of looking incredible on a curvy silhouette. The most suitable and effective clothes to flatter the top of your anatomy are:

  • Airy trapeze cuts like baby-doll tops
  • Flowing tunics
  • Casual or boyfriend shirts
  • Tops with a V-neckline

Looking for more structure? Choose a thick fabric that will structure your look, from the bust to the hips. Fabrics like raw silk, linen, tweed, gabardine and heavy cotton will work just fine.

What about sleeve length? This is where you need to think outside the box. If you love your arms and shoulders, dare to wear sleeveless tops! If you prefer to cover up, try a rather fitted sleeve to balance your bust and abdomen. If you want to show off your curves, elongate your neck with a plunging V-neckline or, depending on your face shape, a round neckline. You will find more information on this subject in our article: How to find the ideal neckline?


The best jackets to flatter a curvy body shape

As is the case with all body shapes, the length of your jacket will make all the difference. Curvy body shapes look great when wearing vests, coats or jackets that emphasize the hips or upper thigh. A-line coats or a straight, knee-length trench coat (worn without a belt) will also be very flattering.


The best dresses to accompany your curvy body shape

If you love wearing a beautiful dress, you're in luck! Strapless dresses will make you look great. Maxi and low-cut dresses are very flattering and wearing a wrap dress is a real secret weapon for curvy body types.

If you love your legs, dare to wear lengths above the knee. If this is not the case, any other length will complement your figure! Empire dresses are also ideal if you want to emphasize your bust. If you want to look slimmer , vertical stripes and dark shades are always slimming.


The best jeans and pants to accompany a curvy body shape

Don't wear pants that are too tight, even if you have nice legs, it will make your top look very big. Remember, if you want to emphasize your best attributes, the challenge is to do so while maintaining your appearance balanced. If you can't resist the urge to wear skinny jeans or leggings, pair these cuts with a light tunic, an oversized sweater or a flowy, casual top. On the other hand, avoid accompanying them with a tight top.

Flare cuts with heels are ideal for lengthening your silhouette. If you have long legs, feel free to wear flared pants with flat shoes (remember the hem should come either to the top of your heel or to the floor).

Forget straight cut pants and 7/8th length pants. As a general rule, if your top is flowy and airy, your figure will be enhanced more by more structured or fitted pants.


What skirt to wear when you have a round body type?

If, like most women with an O-shaped body, you have superb legs, don't hesitate to highlight them by wearing short skirts. Warning: if you wear a skirt for work, it should not be too short. A length above the knee is appropriate. If you are wearing a skirt for any other reason (shopping, going out on the town, etc.) do not hesitate to opt for a shorter skirt.

A-line skirts are ideal for your body shape. In fact, their flared cuts from the waist are ideal for rebalancing the proportions of your silhouette.


Accessories to make a round body shape shine

Oversized bracelets, rings,'re lucky, you can wear them proudly! Do you like to wear necklaces? Opt for necklaces that emphasize the length of your face. Generally necklaces of 50 to 60 cm are the most interesting. They will create a V shape that will attract the eye while elongating your silhouette. Remember, dressing is all about balancing proportions and this tip is ideal for flattering your body shape.

One last thing :

Every woman is different, every body is different. If you feel like your figure doesn't quite fit into the curvy body type, consider doing some testing to see what works perfectly and really flatters your figure.

Mademoiselle Grenade gives you here some tips, some ideas to follow and we are sure that you will know how to best adapt them to your curves.

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