15 Basiques indispensables à votre garde-robe de tous les jours.

15 essential basics for your everyday wardrobe.

15 essential basics for your everyday wardrobe.

15 Essential Basics for Your Everyday Wardrobe.

Do you aspire to a certain continuity, from one year to the next, in your clothing style? The ideal is therefore to create a simple and effective wardrobe, chic and classic. You don't want to worry about the latest trends and even less follow them? Never mind! Mademoiselle Grenade guides you today towards the essential pieces for your wardrobe, the must-haves that will give you a remarkable and timeless look: the basics! Follow the leader.

It is possible that you do not need to own each of the pieces presented below and that you simply do not see the usefulness of them. However, it is certain that most women are aware of the value of owning a properly fitted black blazer or suit pants. Just as there are essential basics to ensure you are properly dressed in the evening , there are also timeless clothes that you must have. These essential elements will be the basis of your wardrobe and do not prevent you from having more daring, trendy or extravagant pieces alongside. It's up to you to adapt this list according to your needs and you will quickly notice that getting dressed in the morning has become child's play.

A white T-shirt

What could be more basic and more timeless than a white T-shirt? Choose one made from quality cotton and with an impeccable cut. A soft, close-fitting T-shirt will be perfect to wear under a chunky sweater or sexy sweatshirt. Be sure to replace it when it starts to deteriorate or if its color turns gray.

Chic and comfortable, this two-tone, two-material white T-shirt is a piece to adopt immediately.

A sailor

It is not for nothing that this striped top was worn by intellectuals, actors and other artists of the 20th century. Coco Chanel loved this basic piece and Jean Paul Gaultier made it a superstar. Wear it with white jeans, under a blazer or with rolled up sleeves. You may need to control yourself not to wear it every day.

A flowing blouse

The beauty of a flowy blouse probably lies in its versatility. A flowing blouse goes just as well with a pencil skirt as with blue jeans. If you're starting to build a wardrobe of basic pieces, a flowy blouse will be a great investment, whatever the color.

Create an irresistible look with this electric blue blouse, very elegant and perfectly in line with the current trend.

A dress shirt

Lightweight and perfectly designed to give you a chic and relaxed look, a pretty dress shirt can be worn every day of the week at work and will also give you a casual chic look on the weekend if you leave a few buttons open and roll up your sleeves.

This very chic shirt plays with fashion codes and promises us a unique and undeniably elegant style.

Crew neck sweater

Preferably chosen in cashmere, a crew neck sweater always works wonderfully with jeans as with other pieces in our feminine wardrobe. Just like the dress shirt, this item can be worn every day of the week if you want, no one will blame you. If the crew neck sweater is an essential must-have whatever its color, we still have a real preference for shades of gray which will go wonderfully with our jeans.

With its straight, slightly blousey cut, this ultra-soft gray sweater is an elegant daytime choice.

A neck rolls

A favorite piece of Victoria Beckham's wardrobe, the turtleneck is a versatile garment, essential for a chic and feminine wardrobe. Choose it in a ribbed knit for an extra touch of casual luxury.

A miniskirt

A black flared miniskirt will highlight your buttocks and can be worn with a sweater as well as a blouse or blouse. And since it can be worn with tights or bare legs, the trapeze mini skirt can be worn all year round.

A slit skirt

The pencil skirt does not work with all silhouettes, but if you are one of those who can wear this essential piece of women's wardrobe, then don't deprive yourself. Make sure it fits your shape perfectly and contains a little elastane so as not to restrict your movements too much. And don't hesitate to take it slightly slit on the side for more ease but also for an ultra glamorous look. Be careful, however, not to confuse glamor and vulgarity.

In a magnificent white color, fitted and cinched with pleats for remarkable support, this slit pencil skirt will be your best seductive asset.

The midi skirt

Star of the catwalks for several seasons, the midi skirt is a timeless chic classic. It sits wonderfully on the hips and flares out at the knees, giving us a sensual and glamorous look so subtle that it goes perfectly with work outfits.

Featuring a trapeze cut with a decidedly retro charm and adorned with a fitted belt that sits at the hollow of your waist, this piece will offer you a very trendy silhouette.

The ideal jeans

Whether flared, straight, body-hugging, bootcut... Every woman needs jeans that flatter her figure. Take the time you need to find the cut that suits your body shape and the quality that will allow you to wear it again and again. Correctly chosen jeans have an immediate effect on our mood and boost our self-confidence.

The essential PRN

A little black dress is a no-brainer. The little black dress is the perfect example of a basic piece: Chic, versatile and timeless. How to do without her?

Made from a stretch fabric and partially lined for lightness and comfort, this midi dress has a flattering A-line skirt.

The perfect blazer

Even if you don't work in an office or a company where the blazer is part of the official dressing code, you must have at least one formal and flattering jacket in your wardrobe. Correctly adapted to your body shape, with fitted shoulders and sleeves that are neither too long nor too short, your jacket will allow you to create chic and elegant outfits and will go just as well with your fitted pants as with your casual jeans.

The blazer belongs to strong, timeless pieces. This wardrobe essential has survived the years and fashions without losing its charm.

The denim jacket

A light blue or faded denim jacket exudes a very casual attitude that isn't just reserved for Americans. With a denim jacket you are guaranteed to never go out without a stylish outfit. In addition, chosen without holes, without the effect of bleach or acid, it will always be timeless and you can wear it year after year.

The tuxedo for women

The timeless suit created by Yves Saint Laurent is an essential for chic and elegant evenings for those who wish to wear an outfit flirting with the codes of androgyny. The tuxedo is a sort of street-appropriate antithesis for the red carpet. And whoever wears this stylish ensemble has a good chance of being considered the most stylish person on the best-dressed list.

What ensemble is more chic and glamorous than the feminine tuxedo? This very trendy model will give you a line that is as elegant as it is refined.

What ensemble is more chic and glamorous than the feminine tuxedo?

A trench coat

Lightweight and waterproof, a trench coat worthy of the name will never let you down. It's a structured, comfortable piece that still works when chosen in a color that's as chic as it is neutral. The trench coat is truly an ally of choice to complete an outfit with style and elegance. As you can see, everyone has the possibility of adapting the contents of their wardrobe to their desires, their budget and the importance given to their outfit. The important thing is to never be caught off guard when it comes time to look beautiful, even with simple outfits that are perfectly in line with the good times you want to spend with your colleagues, friends or family.

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