Comment choisir la parfaite petite robe noire ?

How to choose the perfect little black dress?

How to choose the perfect little black dress?

Regardless of your personal style , every woman should have at least one perfect little black dress in her closet. It's not only a must-have for all occasions, your little black dress can save you a lot of money and save you from embarrassment when you're suddenly invited to an important event. It will be there to save your behind and make you look beautiful and stylish, effortlessly. Don't know where to start to find the perfect little black dress? Follow Mademoiselle Grenade's valuable advice to find the black dress suited to your needs, your clothing style and your body type .

A black dress for your body shape

It's important to remember that most women have different body shapes. In fact, the person sitting next to you can wear the same dress as you and still not look the same. It's also important to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. There is no one body shape that is more ideal than another. All silhouettes have their little advantages and little flaws. So, don't forget, when choosing a new little black dress, to make sure that it perfectly flatters your figure. If you have wide hips , wear a skirt or dress that emphasizes them. If you have broad shoulders, minimize their appearance by wearing a dress with wide straps. If you are petite, opt for a v-neck. In general, you should wear cuts in which you are highlighted and in which you are perfectly comfortable.

Respect your personality

Don't invest in a little black dress that doesn't represent you. It's important to stick to what expresses your personality. Don't forget that this dress will end up in your wardrobe. You should buy a little black dress with the intention of wearing it again and again. So, if you have an energetic temperament, choose a little black dress with a flared cut. If you are more discreet and classic, opt for a dress with a pencil skirt, a dress below the knee... Your little black dress should flatter your figure but also represent you.

Find the perfect fabric

The choice of fabric is important when buying a dress. Particularly, if you like to be comfortable in your clothes. Satin, for example, accentuates curves. Also, if you don't want to emphasize the curve of your hips or buttocks, avoid satin. Alternatively, a soft, stretchy fabric offers many benefits. Since you will be evolving with your dress, you need to feel your best while wearing it. you must, for example, anticipate a dinner that is a little too copious and be sure that you will not feel suffocated in your evening dress. Know what fabrics flatter and suit you and stick with those.

Comfort is key

Besides all the important deciding factors when choosing the perfect little black dress, as said above, you need to be comfortable. This is a dress that you will wear on many occasions. for hours. It is therefore important that you choose a cut in which you will feel comfortable. You will be the attraction of the evening if you are confident in your movements and don't show off.

Control your budget

Budget, budget, budget… Repeating the word several times will not help you increase it. However, it is a very important factor to consider. The little black dresses offered by Mademoiselle Grenade are all affordable given their chic, trendy styles and their quality European manufacturing. When shopping online, you still need to pay attention to your budget and not let it fly out the window when you're looking for the ideal little black dress. Opt for versatility. Versatility is probably the most recognized benefit of the little black dress. Indeed, some black dresses can be worn on multiple occasions. Also, if your budget is limited and you plan to buy a single black dress to complete your wardrobe and accompany you to various events, opt for a dress that can be used for this. Most of the time, you just need to modify your style with a few accessories to transform your outfit and your appearance. That’s the power of the little black dress!

Are you won over?

It is important to be “madly in love” with the dress you are about to buy. You need to make sure that in the future you simply won't be able to do without it. You're going to wear this dress and, unless a kind soul offers it to you, you're also going to be the one paying for it. The least you can do is fall fully under its spell. If not, move on to the next dress. Sometimes you just need to look at the person next to you to feel love at first sight.


Make sure you can breathe properly in your new little black dress. Although it is sometimes necessary to suffer to be beautiful, there is no need to suffocate. If you can't breathe standing up, you definitely won't breathe sitting down. Even if you followed our advice and are absolutely won over by this dress that flatters your figure and perfectly represents your usual style and personality, it is important to be able to breathe freely while wearing it. If not, go for the next size up or admit it's not the one you need. You are the one who should wear this little black dress and not the other way around.

Mademoiselle Grenade offers a wide selection of black dresses, from the most chic to the most practical, whatever your body type . We are sure that you will find, whatever the season, the black dress that will allow you to face any situation with style and elegance.

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