Comment avoir un style minimaliste et créatif ?

How to have a minimalist and creative style?

How to have a minimalist and creative style?

How to have a minimalist and creative style?

Having the audacity to create a personalized minimalist style is the challenge that some of you face every day. Minimalist fashion is not necessarily risk-free. Quite the contrary. It's much easier to make a statement with bright colors and graphic patterns. Stand out through more subtle changes, refine your look by limiting the palette of colors in your wardrobe, focus your preference on cuts, textures and volumes... All this will call on your creative skills and it's a real challenge.

You might think that minimalist style is based on simplicity or ease, but it is a perpetual challenge to create the right combinations. If we look at what constitutes the minimalist style, we note that the cuts, volumes, lines are not chosen at random. It is a delicate complexity that must be faced to achieve harmony based on different textures, different shades of the same color, contrasts, symmetry or asymmetry.

Some basics to know to achieve your own minimalist style.


The ease with which you will be able to coordinate, mix or match different shades is an essential step in the process of creating your style. The most representative colors are black, white or ecru, gray and beige. For those who like more vibrant colors you will be seduced by burgundy, navy blue or green.


Minimalist style consists of highlighting the often underestimated simplicity of seemingly basic pieces: A simple white T-shirt, black cigarette pants, moccasins, a loose shirt... But at second glance, we notice that there is nothing fundamental about them. The fit of the pieces together, their quality, a subtle detail... so many elements that can lead to an outfit just as remarkable as an eccentric or colorful outfit.


Not every piece of a minimalist outfit has to be basic. In this case, you risk a rather bland and boring outfit. To avoid a monotonous outfit, don't hesitate to combine original pieces with basic clothes. Dare to select more extravagant pieces to reinforce your style such as a maxi skirt, a scarf dress, a mini handbag or even very high heels.


Looking at fashion shows with a trained eye, we see that one of the most inspiring minimalist trends is based on the marriage of clothes borrowed from men's wardrobes with pieces logically reserved for women. These clothes are distinguished by cuts or assertive details but which have the ability to create a very elegant ensemble. A mastered masculine-feminine style ensures an absolutely remarkable look.


Too many accessories will lead you to the opposite of a minimalist style. So avoid overloading your outfit with unnecessary accessories. Simple, delicate jewelry, a scarf, a hat, a large belt, or a leather bag is all that is needed to add a little oomph to your outfit.


One of the many tips for a minimalist style is to play on strong contrasts by combining different fabrics and textures. Try combining silk or wool with leather, pairing silk chiffon with wool, combining tweed with lace or denim. This combination works even better with monochrome pieces .


Add structure and a little extravagance to your style. Don't hesitate to play with the proportions of the clothes at the base of your outfit. For example, you can combine skinny jeans with a loose top, leggings with an oversized coat, fitted shoes with loose woolens, an oversized top with palazzo pants... These interesting contrasts and the different thicknesses will allow you to obtain a look worked and remarkable.


Complete your minimalist look with a personal touch to confirm an elegant and unique look. To achieve this, think about asymmetrical cuts, original cutouts or use original layering.

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