Comment paraître plus mince sur les photos ? Trucs et astuces

How to look slimmer in photos?

How to look slimmer in photos?

At a time when posing for a selfie is omnipresent in our daily lives, we all have in mind the desire to appear as elegant as a supermodel . The good news is that in addition to knowing how to dress to look slimmer , you can actually make yourself look slimmer. Here are some tips that will help you have a slimmer figure in photos .

How to look slimmer in photos?

How to have a slimmer figure in photos?

Lift your chin and raise your head

If you've ever wondered why every woman you know raises their head in the air when someone takes a photo of them, it's because they're trying to avoid the appearance of a double chin. Try !!!

Stand at a 45 degree angle

If you want to look slim in photos, do your best to avoid being photographed head-on. Instead, turn slightly to the side, place one foot in front of the other so that your front foot is pointing toward the camera, then lean your body weight onto your back foot.

Put one hand on your hip

Another thing a lot of women do in photos is put their hands on their hips. This prevents their arms from being pressed against their body, which can make the arms look stocky and weigh down the silhouette.

Take a photo of yourself from above

Another technique to appear slimmer in your photos is to photograph yourself from above, from above. Aim your camera or smartphone slightly, you will see. This technique is ideal for lengthening your neck and silhouette.

Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth while smiling

This tip seems weird to you, right? However, if you position your tongue so that it touches your roof of the mouth - preferably the area just above your teeth - while smiling, the muscles in your face will help tighten the area under your chin . This way, your face and neck will appear more chiseled and elongated. Your facial features will also be more defined.

Use a self-tanner for a “healthy glow” look

You may not be aware but a darker skin tone can help your body appear firmer and more toned, and can also help hide imperfections such as cellulite. Of course, applying self tan isn't always easy and not everyone has the time or funds for regular maintenance, but it's amazing what a little touch of tan can do. .

Dress in darker colors

Although you don't need to wear black 24 hours a day, you can opt for darker clothing. Dark shades can help you look slimmer in photos. If you are not a fan of black in summer , do not hesitate to adopt navy blue which will give you excellent results.

Cross your legs at the ankles and not at the knees

Just as you do not want to add volume to your bust by crossing your arms in front of it, you also do not want to weigh down the curve of your legs. To maximize the appearance of your legs, sit on the edge of your chair or armchair and cross your legs at the ankles. This tip will allow you to refine your legs and will also avoid bringing out your dimples if you have them.

We hope these tips to teach you how to look slim in photos will help you be proud of your figure and your photo poses! Remember, however, that self-confidence is essential. Define the best outfit you can wear for any occasion. Love your look and show it off without complexes and with complete confidence!

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